Too Far: Biden Arrests Pastor And Purple Heart Veteran For ‘Insurrection’

73-year-old Vietnam veteran James Cusick, who earned a Purple Heart during his time in the war and is currently employed as a pastor, was arrested at his Florida home for having been present at the Jan 6 Capitol riot, despite having no involvement with either vandalism or violence.

James son, Casey, was arrested as well in front of his 3-year-old daughter who distraughtly asked officers why they were locking up her dad’s hands. Casey has also not been accused of either violence or vandalism.

The arrests happened on Thursday morning. James daughter, Staci, told reporters that a sheriff arrived with several other vehicles in tow and demanded that James come out and answer a warrant. Needlessly agitated and rough, they arrested the senior veteran and also commanded Staci to exit he house.

Even though they weren’t looking for Staci, they commanded her to place her hands on the sheriff’s vehicle. When James asked what the arrest was for, they told him that it was related to his presence at the Capitol on January 6.

According to Staci, James was shocked as he had cordial interactions with officers at the Capitol itself on Jan. 6. James was never asked to leave the Capitol. James began speaking to the officer’s arresting him in his own defense, but they instructed him to remain silent until he consulted with a lawyer.

Staci pleaded with police to remove the handcuffs from her elderly father, but they did not comply.

Officers told Staci that she must bring James passport to court. He will be tried either in the state of Virginia, or in Washington DC.

Staci told the officers that her father was a veteran who never participated in vandalism and told them about how her father had friendly interactions with the Capitol police. They responded by stating that he broke the law.

Photographs released by the Department of Justice give evidence to the claim that Cusick’s story is true.
The search warrant provided by police, says that the officers were searching for clothing Cusick wore at the protest.

Police also arrested Jame’s friend who was bringing his wife home from a visit to the heart doctor.

This story is continuing to develop.

Author: Bridget Tucker