Top CNN Dr. Proves Mainstream Media Is America’s Enemy No. 1

CNN — and Mainstream Media in its entirety — never ceases to be amazingly corrupt, false, and frankly quite terrifying. While their ratings are steadily dropping, many Americans still tune in to watch the hacks on CNN push their radical beliefs, which are oftentimes advocating for some form of COVID tyranny or another.

The rise of what liberals call “the delta variant” of COVID-19 is prompting another round of talks from CDC and high-level White House officials as to whether or not they should change their mask mandates and require indoor masking yet again.

Meanwhile, nearly 70% of American adults have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine, putting the country in the sweet spot for herd immunity. Still, this doesn’t stop the liberal COVID hysterics from continuing to push for endless lockdowns, masking, and even mandatory vaccination for all.

On Thursday, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen pushed for vaccine mandates as the country deals with the Delta variant.

Wen told “CNN Newsroom” that proof of vaccination “would be really key” to allowing people to take off their masks, adding that “vaccine mandates are something that will have to come.”

Watch the disturbing clip here:

The online support for Dr. Wen following her appearance on CNN goes to show you that liberals and leftists alike simply do not want this to end. They feel comfortable knowing the government is taking care of them by providing stimulus payments and other entitlements. The New World Order is what they seek, but they won’t get it without a fight.

Author: Asa McCue