Top GOP Senators Go Soft — Refuse To Call Out Biden’s SCOTUS Nom

Why are our leading Republican Senators so preoccupied with appearing civil and dignified in a fight against the radical far-left? Our leftist enemies will use any tool at their disposal be they rhetorical, legal, political — and even physical. The insistence of Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham that Republicans cannot and should not play hardball by sheer sake of being opposite of the Democrats simply translates to an early surrender.

Monday kicked off Senate confirmation hearings for Joe Biden’s radical SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson and it certainly was no the opening most conservatives were hoping for.

The voters want answers, not constant kowtowing to the antiquated decorum and politeness of the political process. Voters want to know why Judge Jackson routinely protected child pornographers.

Both Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Lindsey Graham brought up the confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh during their opening remarks. Both Senators sought to create a distinction between the way Republicans handle confirmation hearings and the contentious romper room style of the Democrats.

Fine, but what good does that do for America?

The Texas Republican, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, mentioned told Jackson her hearing would not be “a political circus.”

Cruz said it was Democrats who politicized the Supreme Court confirmation process, arguing they went “so into the gutter with Judge Robert Bork that they invented a new verb, to Bork someone.” He also hit Joe Biden, then-Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, for the way he presided over Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation, calling that process “reprehensible.”

Cruz told Jackson that her hearing will not feature “that disgraceful behavior.”


But, why? You can’t fight disgrace with grace or violence with non-violence in the political arena.

Cruz said the hearing should focus on Jackson’s record and “what kind of justice you would be.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham made similar comparisons between how Democrats treated Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing and the way in which Republicans plan to treat Judge Jackson.


Why the distinction needs to be made I’ll never know, but our top Republicans need to get tough as this is the final battle for America’s future.

Author: Vasily Ivanov