Top Secret Report Proves Trump Was Surrounded By Traitors

According to a recent report, Former Attorney General Bill Bar played dirty politics when he gave then-President Trump a serious ultimatum

Barr demanded that President Trump not go through with the firing of CIA Director Christopher Wray – or else he would hand in his resignation.

Top Trump aide, Johnny McEntee, introduced the just-nominated Barr to Bill Evanina, a former FBI employee and top counterintelligence official working in the Trump administration. Barr realized after the meeting that Evanina was being tapped as Wray’s replacement, whom the President had publicly criticized and long-been considering firing.

The plan in Trump’s White house also included the replacement of then-Deputy Director of the FBI David Bowdich with a national security adviser Kash Patel.

In protest of the shake-up, Barr threatened his resignation.

Wray seemed to be on thin ice with Trump when he refused to fire Andrew McCabe. Trump later went on to publicly denounce Wray’s comments about Antifa, voter fraud, and efforts by the Russians to interfere in the 2020 election.

The Former President also voiced his frustration when Wray refused to open a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings and possible Hatch Act violations.

Barr, however, strengthened his relationship with Wray. The two men had weekly lunches and worked together in responding to the widespread social unrest that followed George Floyd’s killing in police custody last year.

Now, the 54-year-old Wray remains in his job under President Joe Biden and an administration seemingly less volatile than Trump and his White House.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney