Top Senator Reveals The Truth About The Danger Of Biden’s New Spending Bill

A Republican Senator, John Barrasso, has spoken up about the reality of what President Joe Biden’s massive new social spending agenda will unleash on the average American.

Barrasso, who is the chairman of the Senate Republicans, spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo and warned that the Build Back Better Act would leave Americans with less money in their pockets at the end of the day as both inflation and taxes will go up.

Bartiromo asked Barrasso for his reaction to what Biden has said, “It doesn’t cost anything, it’s already paid for, and it will actually lower inflation.”

Barrasso said, “The president is wrong on all of these things. Remember, he started the year by saying, “America is back,” and he’s been back pedaling ever since.”

“You know, you look at these new inflation numbers, and our economy is on its back. You look at what’s happened after the disaster of Afghanistan, and our back is against the wall in international areas. And now he is pushing this so-called Build Back Better bill, I mean, to me, I look at this, this will break the back of the American people with taxes, with spending, with all of the mandates.

“People will end up paying more for just about everything, it will make inflation worse, taxes will go up. All the tax experts will tell us that at least a third of middle America will pay a lot more in taxes, and the impact of inflation on people’s lives now, whether you want to call it a hidden tax or not, people’s paychecks are not keeping up. People are hurting, and it’s the Biden policies that have made it worse.”

“We’re now at a 40-year high on inflation,” Barrasso later said, adding that the “true cost” of the Build Back Better Act, “when you get rid of the accounting gimmicks, we’re talking close to $5 trillion, $3 trillion added to the debt. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are going to have a lot to say with this, about this. But you talked about these temporary programs, you remember Milton Friedman said there is ‘nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.’ Once they get in there, they stay forever.”

Bartiromo responded, “Well, that’s right. I almost feel like your colleagues on the Left are living in another, alternative universe because we see these numbers every day, senator. I agree. We saw the CPI out, the Consumer Price Index, on Friday which showed us that everything is up in price from gasoline to food and furniture, etc., and yet Chuck Schumer said he wants to get a vote on this spending package perhaps this week. What can [inaudible] get done in the Senate, legislatively, before year end?”

Barrasso continued suggesting that the Biden admin has is priorities mixed up.

“There are a number of things we need to do. One is the National Defense Authorization Act, which should have been done months ago, but that’s a very low priority for President Biden. We’ve seen that in the past.”

“Exhibit A is when he came out with his own budget; it had limited dollars, it didn’t even keep up with inflation for defense and for homeland security. So we need to do that this week. The Democrats are going to, all on their own, raise the debt ceiling in the United States. We don’t default on the debt, what is happening is, they don’t want to have a discussion about the importance of getting spending under control.”

“They want to do massive spending. And you’re right, Chuck Schumer is still saying he wants to bring to the floor of the Senate this massive tax and spending bill which is, I believe, going to make inflation worse, increase taxes on all Americans, and hurt our economy even further.”

Author: Derrick Jackson