Top Trump Attorney Drops Bombshell Election News

Photo Via Fox News

One of the top lawyers fighting on behalf of the Trump campaign to stop the Democrats attempt to steal the presidential election just released a critical piece of info that could help

Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor, released an affidavit on Monday from a whistleblower who has witnessed firsthand how election software – such as Dominion and Smartmatic – can secretly manipulate votes without leaving a trace.

During an interview on Monday Powell stated, “I’ve got a firsthand witness. In fact I’ve just emailed you an affidavit from a witness who can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places but he was present for the creation of the system for this specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez and then Maduro.”

She continued, “They exported this all over Latin America. It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion systems that were built to do this very thing, for changing the results of elections… And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly with the states the suddenly went down, they stopped counting the votes. It was because the need was so great to President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate reset on the machines to have them come out for Biden.”

In the affidavit, the whistleblower says their background is with the Venezuelan military, including being directly responsible for the security of the Venezuelan president.

They outline how Smartmatic software executives conspired with former brutal Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and other top election officials in the country, in order to ensure Chavez not only rose to power but maintained it for years without challenge.

The whistleblower added that they were present at multiple meetings, and that Chavez also used the fraudulent voter software to manipulate races to give him powerful allies in the government.

“I was witness to the creation and operation of a sophisticated electronic voting system that permitted the leaders of the Venezuelan government to manipulate the tabulation of votes for national and local elections and select the winner of those elections in order to gain and maintain their power,” the affidavit states.

“From that point on, Chavez never lost any election. In fact, he was able to ensure wins for himself, his party, Congress persons and mayors from townships.”

The whistleblower further stated that the “software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System.”

“In short, the Smartmatic software is in the DNA of every vote tabulating company’s software and system, “the whistleblower said.

The whistleblower alleged that Chavez eventually exported the software to Bolivia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Ecuador, and Chile.

In the April 2013 Venezuelan election, the affidavit states, the conspirators had to take the internet down for two hours to reset the machines, as Nicolás Maduro was losing by too many votes to Henrique Capriles Radonski.

The whistleblower claims that Smartmatic created a system that anonymized the voters’ choices inside the machine and then spat out the desired outcome by the end of the election day. No vote could be traced back to an individual voter.

Just a day before releasing the whistleblower’s powerful affidavit, Powell said in an interview that the Trump campaign’s legal team had enough evidence and are, “getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states.” She claimed that the U.S. election software switched “millions of votes” from Trump to Biden.

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