Top Trump Officials Successfully Roadblock Biden

Multiple top officials from the Trump administration are prepping for a new round of legal battles to halt Joe Biden’s Far-Left agenda, which has resulted in America’s swift decline. They’ve been successful in stopping some of Biden’s immigration policy measures, securing legal victories in multiple states and in the Supreme Court. Team Trump will now focus their legal attack on the current administration’s energy and environmental policies. Biden has stalled, or albeit destroyed America’s energy independence that Former President Trump secured. As a result of his policies, the U.S. no longer relied on foreign sources of fuel, but that’s all been reversed thanks to Biden’s assaults.

America First Legal, the legal coalition launched by former White House adviser Stephen Miller secured a legal victory recently, forcing Biden’s Small Business Association to halt a pandemic relief program that excluded certain applicants based on their race. The program was deemed unconstitutional by a U.S. Circuit judge.

Mark Meadows, Trump’s former White House Chief of Staff, is a board member on the AFL and is leading the charge against many of Biden’s illegal policies.

In a recent interview, Meadows revealed him and Miller “Talk probably a half-dozen times a week” about a strategy to stall or rollback Biden’s policies through legal means. The AFL has been very public in their efforts to use the judicial system as a stop-gap measure for the radical Leftism invading the current administration.

“Every time there is a headline, or lurch to the left, that we’re seeing coming out of the Biden administration, we’re on the phone within hours, looking at how do we make sure that it is fair to all,” Meadows revealed.

“We are currently examining the issues stemming from Biden’s environmental and energy policies, so we’ve been in constant communication with attorneys general in Florida and Louisiana, as well as Ken Paxton in Texas.”

Meadows was clever enough to remain vague on the specifics of AFL’s legal strategy as to avoid giving the Biden administration leverage for their defense. However, he did vow that in the near future “expect to see major additional actions.”