Trouble In Paradise For Biden: Americans Refuse To Follow His ‘Rules’

This isn’t looking good for Joe Biden or the Democrats.

In a sign thatJoe Biden’s new call for masks even on the vaccinated could turn contentious, a groundbreaking survey has found that just 41% feel mask mandates on airlines should be extended, and a near equal number just won’t wear them.

The latest reporting showed limited support for continuing the coronavirus protocols that Biden is putting back into place today after his effort to get the nation vaccinated fell short.

The survey, the latest in a series charting the nation’s slow return from the March 2020 COVID-19 shutdown, said that just 41% feel it will be “necessary to extend the federal mandate that all airline passengers wear masks on all flights, past mid-September.” It was 50% in May.

Biden’s plan is targeted at federal workers and workplaces but is likely to be a model for states and agencies that handle the public, including the FAA.

In a finding closer to what Biden is proposing, just 40% said they will continue to wear a mask “when in the presence of others.”

According to the analysis, “Respondents from the Northeast (44%) and West (46%) are much more likely to wear facial coverings than those from the Midwest (30%) and South (38%). Democrats (51%) are nearly twice as likely as Republicans (27%) to wear masks.”

In the analysis, the poll sponsors warned that mask rules are likely to become contentious — or worse.

This poll is yet another example of how out-of-touch the Biden administration — and the Democrat Party at large — struggles to resonate with the American people.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth