Trump Applauds Biden’s Success — But There’s a Catch

Former President Donald Trump is finally getting the vindication he deserves on the border wall. The project he began was abruptly halted as Biden assumed office, but now the administration seems to be re-considering their decision. Trump called the reports on Biden’s border wall backtrack “good news” in a recent interview.

A report emerged earlier this week claiming Biden’s Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas was considering finishing certain parts of the border wall amid the current illegal immigration crisis. Democrats incessantly criticized Trump for his decision to build the wall, but Biden seems to be softening on the idea. He ended all funding for the construction project by Executive Order during his first week in office.

“If the Biden administration is going to complete it – it’s very little to complete – if they’re going to complete it, it’s a great thing, that’s a very positive step.”

At the age of 78, Biden’s ability to do the job as Commander-in-Chief has been widely speculated. That speculation only grew after Biden seemingly hid from reporters a record-breaking 50 days before giving a press conference. Biden relied heavily on friendly reporters, pre-screened questions, and written responses by his team.

“I hope he’s well, I hope everything’s fine from that standpoint, physically and mentally,” Trump said.

Trump hyperbolically portrayed the intensive daily work required to be President, saying, “It’s more than full time. It’s a 50-hours  day job.” 

Though he never claimed to have inside information of the inner-workings of the Biden administration, Trump said, as an observer, he’s determined Biden isn’t calling the shots.

“I think other people are making most of the decisions,” Trump said.

He pointed to “supposedly Centrist” Biden’s current policy decisions, noting they resemble “Bernie Sanders on steroids.”

However, the economy Trump built has bolstered the U.S. out of the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic in spite of the leftward turn by the new White House.

Author: Asa McCue 



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