Trump Breaks The Internet With This Bombshell Interview

Former President Donald Trump continues to inspire Americans of all stripes — it’s almost like he knows exactly the right thing to say in any given situation.

That remained true this weekend when Trump appeared on Fox News in an interview with conservative pundit Dan Bongino. The pair discussed a multitude of topics, but seemed to focus closely on the medical miracle that is the vaccines. The Operation Warp Speed investment Trump made last year has been a lifeline for society — and a major point of contention as many refuse to get the vaccine.

However you feel about the vaccine, it’s an incredible feat that Trump conquered. The vaccine hesitancy found in some conservatives is merely a response to the endless partisan squawking from the other side of the aisle — not the vaccine itself. The relationship between vaccine hesitancy and the Democrats’ endless propaganda has an exponential relationship: the more the Democrats push vaccine mandates and other harrowing measures, hesitancy for the shot goes up.

With nearly 617,000 having died with the COVID-19 infection, former President Donald Trump remains “very proud” his Operation Warp Speed effort to speed vaccines to the world helped avoid a 1917 Spanish flu-like death toll.

“I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917,” Trump told Fox News’ “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.”

The Trump administration contracted 200 million doses of each vaccine —Pfizer and Moderna— which were approved for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before he left office.

“The vaccines turn out to be a tremendous thing,” Trump told Bongino. “It’s something I’m very proud of.”

Still, amid the Biden administration’s push to mandate vaccination for federal employees and U.S. businesses seeking to follow suit, Trump said vaccinating with a EUA-only vaccine should remain a personal choice and not a governmental order.

I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom,” Trump said. “I’m a big fan of our freedoms, and people have to make that choice for themselves.”

Trump also continued his long-held belief American schools have to remain open for in-person learning even amid the rise of the so-called delta variant that is dogging the Biden administration’s COVID-19 response.

His appearance on the Dan Bongino show proves Trump is sharpening his weapons for the upcoming 2022 midterms and an eventual 2024 presidential campaign. The Former President is laying the groundwork to be the answer to liberal COVID tyranny — and on that platform he will surely be victorious.

Author: Asa McCue