Trump Calls Out DC Swamp’s Total Control Over Biden In Viral Speech

Photo Via AP

President Trump early Wednesday Morning weighed in on another progressive victory by Sen. Ed Markey in the Democratic primary of Massachusetts over Rep. Joe Kennedy.

“See, even a Kennedy isn’t safe in the new Radical Left Democrat Party,’ Trump said. “Taxes up big, no 2A. Biden has completely lost control. Pelosi strongly backed the loser!”

While Marky and Kennedy are both progressives – Markey received the backing of the party’s far-left wing, while Kennedy was backed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump’s Wednesday tweet continues to highlight one of the major points he’s made in his campaign – long-time Democrats like Pelosi and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (considered to be more moderate) are hostages of the more radical wing of their party.

“The Radical Left Democrats, who totally control Biden, will destroy our Country as we know it,” Trump has said.

While the Democrats have attempted to challenge this narrative that they are becoming consumed by the radical left – a wave of moderate Democrat support for President Trump has suggested it’s true. Many Democrats are concerned that the party is going “too far left and leaving them behind.”

The race marks yet another radically progressive candidate victory as the younger more radicalized Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem to be in control of the party over establishment Dems like Pelosi.

Justice Democrats, a group dedicated to helping progressives win primary challenges that backed Ocasio-Cortez in her 2018 race against former Rep. Joe Crowley, endorsed Cori Bush against Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay and Jamaal Bowman of New York against longtime Rep. Eliot Engel this year. Both Engel and Clay were endorsed by Pelosi. Both lost.

Pelosi, who has regularly fought against primary challenges against members of her own caucus, drew backlash for the endorsement, specifically from Ocasio-Cortez, who cast Markey as a champion of the progressive movement.

“No one gets to complain about primary challenges again,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “It seems like less a policy and more a cherry-picking activity.”

Pelosi defended her decision to back Kennedy, saying that she supports members of her caucus no matter what.

Regardless, Kennedy, as he conceded Tuesday night, appeared intent on healing any divisions within the party that may have been caused by the tense primary race.

“A few moments ago I called Sen. Markey to congratulate him and to pledge my support to him and his campaign in the months ahead.,” Kennedy told supporters. “The senator is a good man. You have never heard me say otherwise.”

This loss marks a historic defeat for a member of the Kennedy family, snapping a nearly 80-year undefeated streak for his family’s political dynasty when running for office in Massachusetts.

Kennedy, who was a rising star in the Democratic Party, is the grandson of the late senator and U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and great-nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy.

This rapid shift to the left may cause serious issues for the Democrats come November as they seem to be abandoning entirely the moderate segment of their base.

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