Trump Calls out Pelosi–Tackles His 2020 Rivals in Latest Interview

Just before Super Bowl LIV, President Trump sat down for an interview. During the free-ranging conversation, the president called out Nancy Pelosi and her impeachment efforts—and criticized the left’s would-be candidates. He also mentioned a real revolution is happening, not the one the left talks about.

It’s only February, but it’s already been a big year for the president. This year, he officially signed the USMCA deal into law. He announced the deal quite a while ago, but the impeachment Democrats in the House refused to vote on it. Despite their schemes, he got it done. He also signed the Phase One deal with China, which will bring billions into the country.

On top of that, Trump is on his way to beating a second attempt by the Democrats to impeach him. The first was their Russian hoax, which was crushed by Mueller himself when he cleared Trump’s name. Now, the Senate is poised to vote to acquit Trump of the House’s bogus impeachment charges.

The president sat down to discuss some of the things that have happened over his first term—and he made predictions of what is next to come.

President Trump confirmed that the State of the Union address would go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday — just a day before the Senate is set to overwhelmingly acquit him after a months-long impeachment process.

“I think she’s a very confused, very nervous woman,” Trump said, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…
“I don’t think she wanted to do this,” Trump continued. “I think she really knew what was going to happen, and her worst nightmare has happened. I don’t think she’s gonna be there too long, either. I think that the radical left — and she’s sorta radical left too, by the way — but I think the radical left is gonna take over.” [Source: Fox News]

We’ve discussed before how Pelosi only pushed impeachment as a way of saving her job from radical leftists. But Trump is predicting that, despite her pathetic effort to take him down, the radicals will soon take over the Democratic Party. After all, we’re seeing that in the 2020 primaries. Their “best” candidates are calling for extreme, socialist programs.

And what does Trump think of his potential rivals? Trump mocked Bloomberg, calling him little. He called Joe Biden, “Sleepy Joe” and demanded answers from his son Hunter. And when it comes to Bernie Sanders, Trump just thinks of him as a communist.

On Bernie Sanders: “Well, I think he’s a communist. I mean, you know, look, I think of communism when I think of Bernie. You could say ‘socialist.’ Didn’t he get married in Moscow?” [Source: Fox News]

But what about America? Is the country about to fall for the left’s extreme agenda? President Trump doesn’t seem to think so, saying a different kind of revolution is happening.

“There’s a revolution going on in this country, and I mean a positive revolution,” Trump said, noting that unemployment rates have plummeted among minority groups. [Source: Fox News]

Trump is most-likely talking about the large number of former Democrat-supporters turning to the GOP. Thanks to Trump, a “walk away” movement is spreading among black Americans and others who traditionally voted liberal. But they are seeing how much Donald Trump is working for them.

Unemployment among black, Hispanic, and female Americans has hit record lows. There are more jobs available in America than people looking for work! Trump has proved he intends to make good on every last campaign promise.

Has a Democrat ever even tried to do such a thing? Democrats promised prison reform—but Trump got it done. Democrats promise to help the labor unions and working-class, but Trump is the one bringing back jobs.

Why wouldn’t there be a movement of voters leaving the Democrats to rally around the one man helping them?

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to push their impeachment nonsense. Even after the Senate votes to acquit, they will spread the lie that Trump is a criminal.

But they know they’ve already lost.

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