Trump Can’t Believe His Eyes As Caravan Of Illegals Approaches

Migrants walked in the early morning, starting out before dawn, to avoid the burning heat. Mostly from Honduras and El Salvador, many were accompanied by small children.

By midday on the second day of their march they reached the town of Huehuetan, in southern Chiapas state.

Unlike previous treks to the border, the caravan from Tapachula did not include as many Haitian migrants, mainly because they already breached the border, setting up camp in Del Rio, Texas before being admitted into the U.S. or deported.

Tens of thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti have been waiting in the southern city of Tapachula for refugee or asylum papers that might allow them to enter the U.S, but have grown impatient.

On the first day of their march, the migrants pushed past a line of state police who were trying to stop them. There were minor scuffles and a small child suffered a slight head wound, but the migrants continued on their way.

Despite the setbacks, one migrant said, “We’ll go on, day by day, to get as far as we can until we reach the United States.”

You almost can’t blame them. America is the greatest country after all.

Still, the glaring difference in sentiment between Trump and Biden is shocking.

Under Trump, illegal migrants wouldn’t dare take such a cavalier approach to illegally entering the country. But now, under Biden, all bets are off and illegals don’t think twice before admitting their intentions to enter the country without any legal right to do so.

Police, immigration agents and National Guard have broken up smaller attempts at similar breakouts earlier this year and on a few occasions with Trump at the helm. At no time were the caravans successful and at no point were they able to cross into the United States.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth