Trump Confirms Running Mate As 2024 Rumors Explode 

What a dynamic duo! There’s nothing more that the White House needs, that AMERICA needs than the young energy of Governor Ron DeSantis paired with the political know-how of Former President Trump. The two would push the America-First agenda to its furthest extent, likely resulting in a booming economy, jobs, and a secure border.

Trump has ramped up his presence in the media lately, and every interview, every appearance the inevitable question is asked: “Are you running in 2024?”

In his most recent media appearance, the Former President remained vague on his potential 2024 White House bid, but did put his stamp of approval on a particular running mate.

Trump was asked, “Would you consider Governor Ron DeSantis as your running mate?”

Without hesitation the Former President responded, “Sure!”

Adding: “I would definitely consider Ron. I was the first to endorse him as he came out as a Congressman. My endorsement helped him tremendously and I know him very well. He’s doing great things for our country and he’s a great guy”

However, Trump pointed out that numerous other well-qualified people are in the running were he to go for another White House big.

Trump noticeably did not mention his former Vice President Mike Pence as possible running mate.

DeSantis is currently leading the pack of Republican contenders if Trump decides against a 2024 run. The polls have resoundingly demonstrated the Florida Governor’s popularity with Republican voters.

In the same interview Trump also cleared up some rumors about a possible Senate or Congress run in 2022.

“They say that a lot don’t they? A lot of people, so many people are telling me I should run in 2022, and I think that’s highly unlikely. It’s pretty amazing, the whole theory behind that, but let’s not get into that now.”

Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House adviser, first pushed the theory in February that the Former President should run for Congress to usurp Pelosi’s Speaker role. In his new role Trump could lead the impeachment charge against Joe Biden, wiping out his last two years. As speaker, Trump could also begin a criminal investigation into Biden’s shady overseas business dealings that go unnoticed by members of the liberal media.

If impeachment were successful, Kamala Harris would take the reigns, initiating another impeachment charge led by Speaker of the House Donald Trump, and, if again successful, Trump would be next in the line of succession.

Author: Nolan Sheridan