Trump Deals Winning Blow Against Liberals and the Media

Democrats and their operatives in the corporate press expressed their utter devastation after Senate Republicans used the filibuster rule to block S.1, the For the People Act, a bill which would radically change the American electoral process and seriously jeopardize democracy in the U.S.

NBC News reporter Jake Sherman invoked the James Crow-era language of the 1960’s southern Democrats to compare McConnell’s opposition to the bill.

Another NBC News operative tweeted his dismay over the Democrats’ loss, noting Sen. Joe Manchin’s continued support for keeping the filibuster intact, the sole reason why S.1 is not currently off the table.

Sen. Manchin maintains the Senate filibuster is needed to “protect democracy.”

Democrat Senator from New Hampshire went completely bonkers, attempting to divert the radical measures of the bill, stating the S.1’s failure to pass would benefit billionaires and worsen “climate change.”

After the devastating blow, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to announce addition options for passing radical election reform.

“We have several, serious options for how to reconsider this issue and advance legislation to combat voter suppression,”

Vice President Kamala Harris lorded over the Senate proceedings, feigning such disappointment with the outcome, she refused to take questions from the establishment media. She made only one declarative statement, this time without her signature giggle.

“The fight is not over,” she said without laughing.

Democrats have begun blaming the Biden administration for the series of legislative failures brought down by Republican lawmakers. Before the vote on the For the People Act, Dem. Rep. Jamaal Bowman said, “The president needs to lead this country and be more vocal on this issue.”

The details of the Democrat inspired legislation are as follows:

  • Federalize control over congressional elections;
  • Declare that standard state and local maintenance of elections systems, such as purging ineligible voters from voter rolls, limiting vote-by-mail, requiring voter ID, and establishing rules against felons voting, would erode the right to vote;
  • Restrict lawsuits against the rules in S. 1 to the federal court system, which is, coincidentally, favorable to Democrats;
  • Establish online and automatic voter registration;
  • Protect illegal immigrants from prosecution if they vote;
  • Establish same-day voter registration;
  • Register minors to vote;
  • Mandate early voting;
  • Establish nationwide vote-by-mail without a voter ID; and
  • Allow ballots to be counted ten days after Election Day.

Author: Asa McCue