Trump Delivers Biden An Insult That No One Will Ever Forget

Former President Donald Trump dismantled President Biden’s horrendous new spending package – labeling the $3.5 trillion plan as a “socialist” spending “monstrosity” on all fronts.

Trump, slammed his successor’s efforts to cobble together a coalition for the massive spending haul, saying the bill was “so bad,” in every way, from economy to immigration to energy, while continuing his long-standing criticism of the 2020 election and attacks on political foes.

“It’s a socialist transformation bill, it’s an open borders bill, [and] it’s an American energy destruction bill,” Trump said at a “Save America” rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Saturday night.

“Joe Biden and the radical Left Democrats in Congress are trying to ram through a $3.5 trillion, wild, spending binge that costs more than the entire sum the United States has spent on any war in the history of our country,” Trump said.

“Not only is this the largest spending bill of all time, it’s the largest tax hike of all time. This monstrosity is so dangerous for our country and so bad for children and grandchildren to come. This monstrosity is a bill to end America as we know it. It’s so bad,” he said.

Democrats in both chambers are currently struggling to reach an agreement on the fiscal bill, with the argument over the roughly $2 trillion gap separating moderates such as Sen. Joe Manchin and radicals such as Sen. Bernie Sanders becoming so heated that Biden joked locking the two in a room would lead to “homicide .”

Trump’s attacks were certainly not only focused on the Democrats. The Former president also attacked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for supporting a short-term extension of the nation’s debt, “warmongerer” GOP Rep. Liz Cheney, and Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp for “absolutely refus[ing] to do anything about” Trump’s allegations of voter fraud in the state.

The former president accused Raffensperger and Kemp, along with several others, of failing to vet allegations of widespread voter fraud despite several audits and recounts affirming experts’ reassurances that votes were secure.

“They rigged the election, and now, based on the rigged election, they’re destroying our country,” he said.

The former president also revived other grievances, going after the two efforts to impeach him during his term and the “totally made-up … scheme” alleging the Trump campaign colluded with Russia ahead of the 2016 election.

“For five straight years, it has been a con job, one after another, one con job after another, a nonstop parade of fake whistleblowers, phony investigations, twisted conspiracy theories, and very, very perverted lies,” he said.

Trump also blasted General Mark Milley for the abandoned military equipment in Afghanistan stating that when he was President, Milley told him, “It’s cheaper to leave the equipment than it is to take it.”

“When Milley told me that, I said, ‘What are you a nut job? Are you stupid?’ That was one of the many times I realized he was stupid,” Trump said of the general.

“I said, ‘Now wait a minute,’ especially being in the construction business – “You mean we have a 50 million dollar plane, all it needs is a tank of gas and a pilot,” Trump stated. “We could have flown over 200 pilots, taken everything out, but we didn’t have to worry because the Taliban listened to me.”

Author: Thomas Bernard