Trump Demands Biden’s Immediate Resignation — And Even Joe Agrees

Can you really blame Former President Trump – now a private citizen – for holding Joe Biden at his word?

Each and every American who voted for the cognitively deficient president should look within and ask themselves, “Is this man really fit to lead the country?”

After routinely attacking Donald Trump for failing to control the China Virus despite his efforts to secure three vaccines and numerous medical treatments for Americans, Joe Biden has failed to meet his own standard of acceptability.

The Former President penned a statement posted to his Save America website referring to a comment Biden made during the October 2020 presidential debate questioning Trump’s leadership during the pandemic.

Biden argued at the time “anyone who’s responsible for that many deaths,” which was at around 220,000 in October 2020, “should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Well Joe, what are you waiting for?

Trump noted more people died from the virus in 2021 than in 2020, even though Biden had the use of vaccines and therapeutics to fight the virus.

You can read Trump’s entire statement here:

Biden was asked by reporters about his failure to “shut down” the virus, despite repeatedly promising during the presidential campaign to do so.

“We got to beat it back before we shut it down,” Biden replied before admitting “it’s going to take time worldwide” to shut down the virus.

Meanwhile, anyone paying attention can clearly grasp that Joe Biden and the Democrats are in no hurry to beat back or shut down the virus, the pandemic, or any lockdown measures put in place as a result.

Their ability to enact total control over the population is too sweet and has gone off without a hitch, so why would they abandon that now, especially as their policies fail to resonate with the American people.

If the virus persists they can justify utilizing the same fraudulent tactics put in place during the last presidential election, which allowed Democrats to steal away Donald Trump’s reelection using mail-in-ballots and other pandemic measures.

Additionally, the use of lockdowns – and the population’s general subservience – is great news for the Democrats who can choose another tragedy to exploit in an effort to gain even more control and dominance over the private lives of Americans.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney