Trump Demands GOP Investigate Voter Fraud — Or Else

Donald Trump may have “lost” the 2020 presidential election, but his influence in the Republican Party has never been stronger.

Whether elected GOP officials want to admit it or not, everyone knows the Democrats deployed a multitude of cheating tactics to ensure Trump’s defeat. Evidence of widespread voter fraud is out there for anyone to see, and it couldn’t have been easier for the Democrats to pull off.

Just blame COVID!

But for whatever reason, and we think we know it, telling the truth as an elected official in Washington is against the rules.

However, according to Former President Donald Trump, lying about the 2020 election is no longer an option.

On Wednesday, he issued a warning to the Republican Party that voters will likely stay home in 2022 and 2024 if voter fraud issues aren’t properly investigated and solved.

Trump fears conservative voters will boycott future elections if it means Democrats can get away with stealing them.

“It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do,” Trump wrote.

Trump’s theory of GOP voter boycott was essentially proven this year after Democrats successfully defeated two Republican incumbents in the Georgia Senate race.

Leading up to the election, then-President Trump warned of the outcome if Georgia leaders didn’t take up issue with widescale voter fraud that occurred earlier in November. As a result, conservative voters largely stayed home, securing victories for both Raphael Warnock (a Christian Marxist) and Jon Ossoff (an anti-gun radical).

As reported:

With control of the Senate at stake, following unprecedented campaign spending and with both President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden rallying for support, fewer people voted across the state. Runoffs often draw fewer voters, and this time the drop from the November general election amounted to about one voter in eight.

But turnout in Republican strongholds dropped by more. And differences across the state highlight the key role of black voters who powered the sweep.

While not yet officially announcing a ’24 run, Donald Trump has strongly hinted that will likely be the case. All signs point to massive GOP victories in the upcoming elections, but if Democrats are allowed to cheat then what’s the point?

That’s what GOP voters are thinking, anyway.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney