Trump Demolishes Deep State Operative — Exposes This Bombshell Truth

Who won’t they give a book deal to nowadays?

As long as you previously worked for Trump in some capacity, and now wish to cash in on your inside knowledge, some liberal book publisher will throw you a million dollars to destroy your professional integrity.

On Thursday, Former President Donald Trump destroyed so-called Russia expert Fiona Hill as a “Deep State stiff,” in rebuttal to her forthcoming memoir where she claims the Trump White House was riddled with Kremlin drama and intrigue.

Hill’s book, “There Is Nothing For You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century.” was released earlier this week and quickly celebrated by the liberal elite.

In the book, Hill, appointed deputy assistant to the president and senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council in 2017, compared her job “with all the endless hits and explosions,” to the World War II blitz of the Nazis against Britain, according to reports. She also slammed it as “dirty and filled with intrigue” as the Kremlin.

Working closely with then-National Security Adviser John Bolton, Hill left the job on July 19, 2019.

What is the deal with liberals, Deep State operatives, and generally anti-Trump fanatics reflexively comparing the Former President and his administration with WWII, Nazi, and Hitler? Don’t they have any other period in history of which to reference? It’s middlebrow at best.

Meanwhile, Trump described Fiona’s tenure as unremarkable.

“Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent,” he said.

According to Trump, the first time he remembers hearing her name was during Impeachment Hoax #1, where she worked hard to say anything bad, but there wasn’t much. It was a total con job.

“She may have been in the Oval and conference rooms with me, but this was not anybody who I recognized. Then she acted like she was a know-it-all, but in reality, she had no influence whatsoever,” he revealed.

It shouldn’t go without notice her close relationship to John Bolton, arguably one of the most evil men in America’s history.

“She was very close to one of the dumbest and most ‘crazed’ people in Washington, John Bolton,” Trump informed.

White House sources claim the pair never said much, just sat back silently and observed. Just goes to show no one in Washington can be trusted, and many will likely turn on your for a small piece of fame and a few bucks.

Trump officials close to the matter when claim Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea, voiced his disdain for Bolton, even refusing to sit at a dinner table with him during diplomatic talks.

It goes without saying, but the Deep State will do anything in their power to punish Trump – the first man to take a stand against them.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth