Trump Endorsement Helps GOP Gov. Secure Landslide Victory

While his accomplishments do speak for themselves, we’re positive Gov. Greg Abbott had no issue with receiving an endorsement from Former President Donald Trump.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott won the Lone Star State’s Republican Primary, according to a projected victory from the Associated Press and Decision Desk HQ.

With almost half of the votes counted by 9 p.m. Eastern, Abbott received at least 69% of votes (or 512,773), compared to top challenger former Texas GOP chairman Allen West with 11.3% and former Texas state Sen. Donald Huffines with 11.7%.  Abbott succeeded in receiving at least 50% of the vote, thus avoiding a subsequent runoff election, per Texas state law.

[source: Breitbart]

Abbott, who is running for his third term as governor, mostly focused his ire on Democrat challenger and failed presidential and U.S. Senate nominee Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke won his Democrat primary, securing roughly 93% of the votes by 9 p.m. Eastern, according to Decision Desk HQ. Pre-primary polling showed both Abbott and O’Rourke as holding the most sway with their respective parties. The two will now face off in the November general election.

A recent Emerson College/the Hill poll had shown Abbott with a commanding lead over his challengers, with the current governor garnering 61% of the vote. West received 12% and Donald Huffines received 9%.

The Hill similarly reported in late February O’Rourke is dominating the field with 68% support among primary candidates in the new poll, with no other candidate securing more than five percent. However, the poll showed Abbott leading O’Rourke 52%to 45% looking down the line at the November general election.

Abbott received high marks from Trump when the former president bestowed his endorsement in the summer of 2021. Trump specifically called him “a fighter and a Great Governor for the incredible people of Texas.”

“No Governor has done more to secure the Border and keep our communities safe than Governor Abbott,” Trump added.

“Greg is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and has made Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State,” the former president declared.

Trump also noted, “Texas has become a job-creating machine, and our partnership helped restore America’s economic power and success.”

We cannot wait to witness the battle between Abbott and O’Rourke (the fake Latino). Maybe after his umpteenth loss, Beta (Beto) can finally hang up his politician’s hat and float off into obscurity someplace else.

Author: Monica Hedren