Trump Has 2024 In The Bag, As Long As Democrats Don’t Cheat

It goes without saying, but Donald Trump is as popular as ever. The American people cannot wait to vote for the Former President who secured the southern border, created energy independence, and boosted a waning economy.

The first 11 months of Biden’s presidency has been a depressing state of affairs, with endless devastation and a pervasive black cloud that rains down on most Americans daily. And it isn’t the fake, orchestrated devastation that mainstream media outlets invented during Trump’s time in office; it’s tangible, unavoidable stress caused by skyrocketing consumer prices and impending war with China.

As a result, most Biden voters are regretting their decision and recent poll numbers spell what appears to be a total and complete loss for Joe Biden in a rematch against Donald Trump — that is if the Democrats don’t cheat and steal again.

The survey, taken November 3-4, 2021, among 1,000 registered voters, asked respondents:

“If the 2024 Presidential Election were held today, and the candidates were Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who would you vote for at this time?”

Trump has the edge, leading Biden 45% to 43%. However, the lead is within the survey’s +/- 3 percent margin of error.

But who are the 43% of Americans willing to vote for Joe Biden in 2024? Are these people nuts?

Another 11% indicated they would vote for “someone else,” and one percent remain undecided:

Suburban voters are split: 42% support Donald Trump while 43% support Joe Biden. Rural voters break for Trump 62% to 30%, while urban voters opt for Biden 52% to 36%.

When voters were asked if they would vote for the Democratic or Republican congressional candidate if the 2022 midterm election were held today, 49% said they would vote for the Republican candidate, while 42% would vote Democrat, and 9% are undecided.
These numbers, along with the plethora of other supporting evidence, is a key indicator that America is not thrilled with the ‘woke’ left of Biden’s Democrat Party and the way in which that anti-American idea effects domestic and foreign policy.

The American people want results, not Leftism.

The survey coincides with Biden’s plummeting approval ratings across the board, landing in the negatives in poll after poll. Notably, the poll found Biden losing double-digit support among black voters, specifically, dropping 20 points — 72% to 52% — since February.

A similar poll showed Biden and Trump in a dead heat in a hypothetical 2024 election.

Look around: a 2024 rematch would be no contest. Every gathering of American people inevitably ends in anti-Biden chants. Everyone can clearly see the death and destruction – not to mention the massive government overreach – as a result of Biden’s presidency.

While 2024 can’t come soon enough, Republicans must address the likelihood of another voter fraud campaign and prevent such a blatant violation of the people’s will from ever occurring again.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney