Trump Hits New Milestone in Energy Dominance – Liberals Are Outraged.

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Trump Hits New Milestone in Energy Dominance – Liberals Are Outraged.

No longer would we spend billions on foreign oil.

Quickly, he removed limits set by the last administration. And boy, did the results speak for themselves. Now Texas, a leader in oil production, just hit a new milestone

Democrats don’t seem to like it when America is thriving. Perhaps it’s because they are bought and sold by foreign nations. For decades, they’ve crippled America’s ability to thrive with heavy regulations and rules. Meanwhile, other nations profited off of our lack!

When Obama passed strict rules, limiting how much American companies could produce energy, it forced us to buy elsewhere. We still needed the resources, after all. Where were we going to get the fuel to generate power? The only solution was to buy oil from the Middle East and parts beyond.

Obama’s regulations significantly weakened our energy independence and it put more cash in the pockets of Arab nations and even Russia. So how was Obama really working for?

Today, that’s all changed. President Trump removed regulations that prevented American companies from providing energy. We can now drill for oil, natural gas, and coal properly. The result has been noticeable. For the first time in many years, the United States is the top producer of energy.

And, Texas just hit a big milestone.

According to the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association’s (TIPRO) 2019 State of Energy Report, Texas set a new all-time record in 2018 for most barrels of oil drilled in a calendar year. The Lone Star State produced 1.54 billion barrels in 2018, shattering the old record of 1.28 billion barrels set in 1973…

As Forbes notes, Texas is by far the nation’s leading producer of oil. Last July, CNN reported that in 2019 Texas would likely surpass Iran and Iraq and thereby single-handedly produce more oil than any other single country in the world besides Russia and Saudi Arabia. [Source: Daily Wire]

Yep, you read that right. Texas alone is producing more oil than most countries.

Why is that worth celebrating? Well, where would you rather get your gas or electricity fuel from? Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran? Or a state not far from yours, one that loves this country and believes in competitive prices?

When we produce more oil, we can use more oil. It means more money flowing into our country. Your energy dollars will go into the hands of companies that will hire American workers. Plus, these companies will export tons of oil around the world, bringing in more wealth.

We are providing oil to countries around the world. Countries that previously had to do business with questionable regimes. More oil means more competition and better prices.

By local oil means lower costs, more U.S. jobs, and greater U.S. influence in the energy market.

Those are all good things to me. Who is upset, then? Democrats, of course. Their standard complaint is that oil is bad for the environment. But we haven’t found a permanent solution yet, have we? So, all their regulation did was force us to buy oil from other nations, making them richer.

That’s not a big surprise. Most heavy regulation by the Democrats always seemed to hurt American companies and enrich our enemies. Regulations by the Obama administration saw more jobs flee the country. His corporate tax was encouraging companies to move their headquarters overseas. So, even white-collar jobs were leaving.

Did Obama even care about this country?

And what about Democrats today? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing a “Green New Deal” that would devastate our country. It would have such a negative impact on our economy, we would never recover. We would go from a leader to a third world country in a matter of years.

While some Democrats have rejected that plan, there were many who endorsed it. Many who are now running for president.

Do Democrats even want America to succeed? Nothing they do convinces me they do.

Thankfully, President Trump is preventing their toxic, evil, and destructive policies from harming our nation. His work has helped the Lone Star State enjoy unprecedented success. And that success helps us all.

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