Trump Is Now Getting Blamed for Losers’ Love Lives.

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Trump Is Now Getting Blamed for Losers’ Love Lives.

And as millions around the country celebrate with their sweethearts, it appears a few liberals are feeling the blues. They are having a hard time enjoying romance–and a few other things. Why? One noted sex doctor has the reason: it’s all Trump’s fault.

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office, we’ve seen countless liberals have breakdowns. More than a few videos online featured leftists literally screaming at the sky. Famous liberal celebrities claim to be experiencing depression. Some say they have gained weight. Others struggle to find meaning in life in these dark, dark times.

Others have just gone bonkers. Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, has caused seemingly normal people to flip out, over the sight of a MAGA hat. They have lashed out at peaceful, law-abiding Americans, just because they support Trump.

Journalists, political “experts,” and even lawmakers have totally lost their minds over the fact that a smart, successful, competent businessman is the President of the United States. And not a corrupt woman.

But it only gets worse for these pathetic libtards. According to one “doctor” they might even be losing out on love. This Valentine’s Day, so many liberals won’t be enjoying love, romance, or even sex–all because Trump is in the White House.

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Dr. Susan Block, a sex therapist known for her HBO appearances, best-selling books, and appearances on TV networks such as Oprah, believes if you’re not getting intimate these days, it is all because of the negative vibes she sees emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“It has had a big impact. For some people Trump’s campaign and presidency has created a type of PTSD — what I call ‘Post-Trump Sex Disorder’,” she said during an interview with Salon, a liberal publication.

“Trump has created feelings of fear, loathing, and nausea,” she added. “People just don’t want to have sex. This would mainly be seen with women who are just appalled at how creepy Trump is. He takes what is often a positive male attributes of confidence and pushes it way over the line into a rape-like and rape-entitled kind of arrogance.” [Source: Fox News]

It’s shocking to think who they’ll give the title “Dr.” to, these days. This hack is clearly trying to milk some fame from Donald Trump with this bogus claim.

Imagine being so weak, pathetic, and childish that you let who’s the president affect your love life.

Did President Obama prevent any of us from enjoying Valentine’s Day? Of course not! But, then again, conservatives are not pathetic babies.

Democrats seem to worship politics and government. Their entire identities revolved around who would win the 2016 Election. When Crooked Hillary flopped, their world view was shattered. They had no clue what to do with their lives after that.

I mean, God forbid they find meaning in their faith, family, or work!

I’m not sure where this Susan Block got her credentials, but perhaps she should go back to school. There have been endless books, studies, and seminaries devoted to helping relationships and couples’ love lives. You can find numerous solutions to helping someone rekindle their passion for one another.

Instead, this woman–eager for a quote in Salon–has to blame Trump.

But why? Why are liberals so upset about Trump? What has he done to earn their “fear, loathing, and nausea”?

Let’s go over the facts. One, he has lowered regulations so private businesses can hire more workers. Wow, that really is a turnoff. Two, he got Congress to pass a historic tax cuts bill that helped millions of Americans keep more of their money. Dang, how rude.

He is brokering peace with North Korea, so that millions of people across many nations can sleep in peace–without fear of nuclear war. That really does kill love.

President Trump has scored new trade deals, brought jobs back to the country, restore our military, and is ending illegal immigration.

Yeah, I see what you mean, liberals. How can you love when so much is going right?

This Valentine’s Day, have fun. Enjoy it. Maybe enjoy it even more, knowing that liberals aren’t!

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