Trump Issues Mysterious Warning About ‘Incoming War’

The Democrats’ insistence to lie, cheat, and steal presidential elections has reverberated throughout the international community, sending a clear message that American democracy is in peril. As a result, our foreign adversaries are taking note and making moves against our national security like never before.

Joe Biden’s projection of utter weakness has clued Russia and China in to the current crisis America is facing. No longer are the days of strength when Donald Trump was at the helm. We now have a cognitively declining president who relied on stealing and cheating tactics to secure his spot in the White House.

On Wednesday, Former President Donald Trump released a statement warning of what’s to come with China because of his successor, Joe Biden.

In a statement released by his political action committee, Save America, Trump said:

Trump’s statement came one day after Biden announced that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to “abide by the Taiwan agreement,” an apparent reference to the Taiwan Relations Act that outlined the diplomatic relationship between the U.S., China, and Taiwan in 1979.

China recently increased its rhetoric regarding its claims of sovereignty over the island of Taiwan, and Taiwanese officials said earlier this week that Beijing sent over 50 military aircrafts into their airspace.

The U.S. State Department said last Sunday that it’s “very concerned” about the “provocative military activity near Taiwan,” in a statement from spokesperson Ned Price, who added, “We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan.”

Meanwhile, China is laughing in our faces, goading the U.S. military to act.

While our Generals teach Critical Race Theory to soldiers and leak misinformation to journalists, our direct enemies are strengthening their military and slowly but surely encroaching on our allies. Without any leadership from the commander in chief, it’s war already won for China and Russia.

America must return to a not-so-distant past when our military was priority number one. When our adversaries were kept at bay and our allies stood firmly behind us.

We need President Donald Trump.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney