Trump Joins In On America’s Anti-Biden Fun

Without even knowing it, Joe Biden is fulfilling one his mainstay campaign promises to “unite” the country.

He’s implied on many occasions that Trump is responsible for dividing the nation due to his inflamed rhetoric and extreme policies, yet that’s precisely what the Biden administration has done since day one.

Joe Biden’s entire persona on the campaign trail was that of the ‘adult,’ the consummate politician called up from the bullpen to wrangle the country back from the big, bad Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the country has never so swiftly gone down a path of destruction than under Joe Biden. He’s failing both at home and internationally, overseeing the death of U.S. soldiers and the downfall of our economy.

But he has succeeded in uniting the country – just not how he initially hoped.

Instead of uniting around Biden’s success, the entire nation is uniting around his failures. For the past few months, every large gathering of Americans – from sports games to concerts – in both Red and Blue states, the crowd inevitably breaks into chants of “F*** Joe Biden!”

After Donald Trump announced he would be appearing at game four of the World Series, you can only imagine just how hilarious the anti-Biden chants got.

Upon seeing the Former President and his lovely First Lady Melania, baseball fans (respectfully) erupted in anti-Biden chants of “let’s go Brandon,” leaving the more vulgar version for another time.

Trump appeared to smile when he heard the now-infamous euphemism for the phrase “f*** Joe Biden .”

The now-viral “Let’s go Brandon” phrase began after a reporter mistook chants about the president from a NASCAR crowd as cheers for racer Brandon Brown.

Several rap songs titled after the phrase have topped Apple Music charts in recent weeks. Bryson Gray’s rap “Let’s Go Brandon” fills the No. 1 spot on the platform. Two other “Let’s go Brandon ” songs by Loza Alexander are in Apple’s top 10.

The former presidential couple attended the World Series game between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves, in which the Braves took the victory and now lead the series with a 3-1 record.

And it wouldn’t be a Trump appearance if the he didn’t outrage liberals.

The Former President committed a serious ‘woke’ crime by joining in with Braves fan to do the controversial tomahawk chop celebratory gesture.

The gesture has been outlawed by ‘woke’ police as it is said to be a major form of “cultural appropriation.”


Author: Sebastian Hayworth