Trump Leads America Through Crisis, Americans Starting To See Through Democrat Attacks

By Frank Camp March 30th, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Wire

A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News has been released, and it bodes well for President Donald Trump in these difficult times. According to The Hill, this is the president’s “first positive approval rating” ever in this particular poll from Washington Post-ABC News.

The poll, which was conducted on 1,003 adults between March 22-25, asked respondents: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president?”

48% of respondents said they approve, while 46% said they didn’t approve. Broken down by enthusiasm levels, 34% “approve strongly,” 15% “approve somewhat,” 35% “disapprove strongly,” and 11% “disapprove somewhat.” 6% have “no opinion.”

The poll asked: “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Trump is handling the coronavirus outbreak?”

51% of respondents approve, while 45% do not approve.

The area in which President Trump performed poorly was in his response time to the COVID-19 pandemic. The poll asked: “In the early days of the outbreak, do you think Trump (was too slow to take action to address the problem), or do you think he (acted with the right amount of speed)?”

58% of respondents said that Trump acted too slowly, while just 38% said that he acted with appropriate speed.

Washington Post-ABC News also asked registered voters several questions, including: “Who do you trust more to handle the economy [Trump or Biden]?”

52% of respondents said they trust Trump more, while 42% said they trust Biden more.

Additionally, the survey asked the registered voters: “Who do you trust more to handle the coronavirus outbreak [Trump or Biden]?”

47% of respondents chose Trump, while 43% chose Biden.

While it should be noted that this is a single poll, and therefore a snapshot in time of a certain group of Americans, this could bode well for President Trump. Even in the face of relentlessly negative media coverage regarding his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump is still more trusted on the issue than Democratic rival Joe Biden, and has an overall approval rating that is above water.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this poll is that when registered voters were asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, Biden still had a two-point edge on Trump (49% to 47%) despite all the other positive numbers for the president.

The enthusiasm toward Trump in the poll also appears to stand in contrast to a recent Fox News survey in which Biden leads Trump by nine percentage points.

According to the RealClearPolitics general election average of polls, the former vice president has a 5.8% lead over President Trump (50.2% to 44.4%). In the last ten polls dating back to late-February, Biden’s lead ranges from just 2% to as much as 11%.

It is as of yet unclear if the allegations of sexual assault from Tara Reade against Joe Biden will make a major impact on the former vice president’s run for office.

Following the allegations, the Biden campaign’s Kate Bedingfield offered the following statement to Fox News: “Women have a right to tell their story, and reporters have an obligation to rigorously vet those claims. We encourage them to do so, because these accusations are false.”

Author: Frank Camp

Source: Daily Wire: POLL: Trump Approval Above Water; 51% Also Approve His Handling Of COVID-19

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