Trump Makes Grave Warning to Sanctuary Cities–Retribution Is Coming

One of the left’s ace in the hole has been sanctuary cities. These cities (and some states) protect illegal aliens from federal deportation. It has been a magnet for illegals for years. But after a crucial federal court ruling, Trump has the power to strike back. And he just let these Democrats know what he’s about to do.

You might wonder why Democrats fight so hard to protect illegal aliens. It has nothing to do with compassion. Illegal immigration hurts everybody. Not only does it hurt Americans, who lose jobs (and sometimes their lives) thanks to undocumented workers—but it hurts the aliens, themselves.

Illegal immigration feeds drug cartels, human smuggling, and sex trafficking. You’d think, as “champions of the people,” Democrats would do all they could to stop this. Instead, they’ve passed “sanctuary” laws that forbid police from handing illegal aliens to the feds. They effectively protect criminals from prosecution.

President Trump promised to crack down hard on sanctuary cities and states. Under his direction, the DOJ and ICE have conducted numerous raids over the years. But these actions put agents’ lives at risk—not to mention innocent civilians. So, Trump has found another means of punishing sanctuaries: cutting off federal funding.

Numerous states fought back, taking it to the courts. In a narrow ruling, the court deemed the federal government has the authority to suspend funds—if states break the law. So now, Trump is dropping a hammer on them.

President Trump on Thursday said his administration is moving forward with withholding funding from sanctuary cities after an appeals court ruled that such a move was legal – part of a broad push by the administration to end the controversial policies that it says makes Americans less safe…

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York last month overturned a lower court ruling that stopped the administration’s 2017 move to withhold grant money from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, which dispenses over $250 million a year to state and local criminal justice efforts. [Source: Fox News]

Donald Trump announced he will start withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities. Something tells me the Democrats that run Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and New York won’t be too happy. Not to mention all the other liberal-run regions that put criminal aliens ahead of Americans.

I’ve never seen a Democrat turn down free money—even from rapists like Harvey Weinstein! Yet they will be forced to lose big time, if they continue to endorse sanctuary policies.

What do you think they are going to do? I can’t say for sure. They might take it to the Supreme Court. But the justices might not agree to hear the case. Either Democrats reverse their sanctuary laws or lose millions—perhaps billions—of much needed dollars.

If I was a betting man, I’d say the first thing they will do is attack Trump. They will go to voters and say its Trump’s fault—not theirs—for the loss of funding. I doubt that will work for long, especially as conditions deteriorate.

Remember, California is falling apart thanks to its homeless crisis. The federal government is needed to turn it around. They will have to reverse their sanctuary status if they want help.

My guess is that they’ll reverse it, but find another way to protect illegals. After all, Democrats need them to win elections.

The only solution is a permanent change in leadership. Until Americans start voting these clowns out of office, their cities will keep sliding into ruin.

But will Democrat voters wake up to that reality? Or will they keep drinking the Kool-Aid that Trump is the big, bad meany?

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