Trump Pulls One Over On Biden With This Incredible Move

By now, you probably know about the crisis exploding on the border. Our border was nice and under control, until Joe Biden rolled back Donald Trump’s many immigration policies. Now, some claim we’ll see at least 800,000 illegals try to enter the country by year’s end. All the while, Biden refuses to admit there is a crisis.

In a move that has shocked even liberal outlets, the Biden administration is doing everything they can to prevent coverage at the border. They have denied requests by the media from inspecting detention centers and other checkpoints. Even though the liberal media would almost certainly defend Biden, his administration is still preventing access.

Only leaked pictures have come out, revealing the depth of the crisis. Migrants are forced into cage-like holding cells, forced to sleep on the floor. There is no attempt to “socially distance” as the virus would spread easily under the conditions. Yet Biden continues to pretend like nothing’s wrong.

Now, Donald Trump is about to blow the biggest whistle on him.

Former President Donald Trump said during a Fox News interview on Saturday night that he plans to visit the U.S. southern border in the next couple of weeks amid the crisis that has erupted under President Joe Biden…

“Well, a lot of people want me to,” Trump said. “The Border Patrol and all of the people of ICE, they want me there. They’ve asked me to go. And I really sort of feel I owe it to them. They’re great people.”

Trump said that the plan is to go sometime over “the next couple of weeks” …

Trump said that what the Biden administration was doing was “horrible” for the U.S. and that “they’re going to destroy our country.” [Source: Daily Wire]

You might be wondering, what good would Donald Trump visiting the border do, in the midst of this crisis? Well, Donald Trump is the former President of the United States. He can gain access to places few people can. If there was anyone that could properly inspect what is going on, it is him.

In addition to this, Donald Trump creates news wherever he goes. The mainstream media is starving without a daily supply of Trump-related news and updates. Even a small story from Donald Trump is a big deal. If Trump were to go to the border, every media outlet in the world would want to talk about it.

Making Biden’s attempts to hide the border crisis impossible to continue.

News like this would take on even more significance, considering the border was a major concern for the Trump administration. Under his leadership it was under control, with the promised wall going up each day. Now, it is chaos, because Biden leaks the vision and leadership to secure it.

Not only would the media be all over a Trump visit, but Trump himself would demolish Biden in epic fashion.
Just talking about it would force Biden’s hand, forcing the administration to stop ignoring it. Which was Trump’s plan all along.

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