Trump Puts Final Nail In Liz Cheney’s Coffin

Liz Cheney may as well back her bags and head back to Wyoming.

The war mongering RINO is poised to face her greatest political battle in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections after Former President Donald Trump issued a glaring endorsement of her challenger, Harriet Hageman.

Liz, the daughter of Dick Cheney, right hand man to George W. Bush, and main architect behind the decades-long wars in Afghanistan, has long been Trump’s adversary amongst the House Republicans, some of which remain more dedicated to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Such is the case with Cheney as she voted twice for Donald Trump’s impeachment, both of which he was acquitted for in the Senate.

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday endorsed lawyer Harriet Hageman to unseat “warmonger and disloyal Republican, Liz Cheney.”

From his resorts in New Jersey and South Florida, Donald Trump has remained the heavy hitter in the Republican Party. He’s dedicated himself to screening for America First candidates to challenge the sitting RINOs left in the House and Senate.

And the American people are responding positively, with many Trumpian candidates scoring massive poll numbers – a clear indication that Trump is on the right track.

Trump himself was involved in vetting candidates to potentially replace Cheney, and his aides reportedly pushed Hageman to run. They are also pressuring other primary candidates to rally around her bid.

In an attempt to appear tough on Twitter, Loopy Liz responded to Trump’s endorsement of Hageman with a lame response that hardly even requires mentioning.

Republicans have followed Trump’s lead in their condemnation of Liz Cheney.

In May, Republicans in D.C. voted to remove Cheney from her No. 3 House GOP leadership position after she maintained criticism of Trump for the protest and for his assertions voter fraud deprived him of reelection. Cheney has also faced scrutiny in Wyoming.

At least seven Republicans are running against Cheney in next year’s GOP primary. Cheney, though, has reported record fundraising, far exceeding any of her competitors so far.

However, in the changing political landscape, especially in the Republican Party, massive fundraising dollars gifted by corporate donors is no longer a sign of guaranteed victory. All signs point to Liz’s defeat and unless the Democrats come to her rescue, it appears that her political career is coming to an end.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth