Trump Puts ‘The Fear Of God’ In Democrats With This Announcement

Donald Trump makes no qualms about his plans for the ’22 midterm elections, which look to be a blowout for Republicans and a major devastation for the Democrats.

The far-left party is struggling to find footing with the American people who claim they’ve simply gone too far with ‘woke’ radicalism, socialism, and general far-left initiatives.

On Sunday, Former President Donald Trump sat down with Fox news for an interview where he revealed to be “very involved” in next year’s midterm elections.

He said (and he’s 100% correct) that his endorsement was vital to the success of GOP candidates who secured victories in numerous elections last week.

Trump has already offered his endorsement to dozens of Republicans for next year’s election and said that he will continue “endorsing people” in a bid to help the GOP win majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The former president insisted that “I’ll stay busy for good people. Not for bad people.”

For example, Trump said that he will back state lawmakers in Michigan who “fought for the election” against the overwhelming fraud in last year’s presidential vote. Conversely, he vowed to be “unsupporting people in the state who have been terrible.”

Trump listed several races where he claimed his support was the determining factor in the candidate winning, citing “a congressional seat in Ohio, where he had a tough primary and won by a lot after my endorsement,” referring to Mike Cary of Ohio’s 15th congressional district.

He also talked about Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican candidate in the state in 12 years to win the election for governor.

“If you look at what happened in Virginia, it’s very interesting,” Trump said. “They used my name — the Democrats — so much that they ended up losing.”

The Democrats in Virginia effectively put Trump on the ballot by using his name in the hopes it would deter voters from going Republican. It had the opposite effect and , yet again, Trump’s name secured a massive victory for the Republican candidate.

But it was really a win for Trump himself.

He mentioned “the borough president of Staten Island — that was the big one — I mean, a little different than federal, but the borough president. Vito Fossella won — he won the primary where he wasn’t scheduled to do it.”

Democrats, however radical and crazed, are not stupid. They can clearly see with emerging poll numbers that Trump is more popular than ever simultaneous to their part’s utter unpopularity.

This has concerned many top party members, who can already smell the blood.

Trump has briliantly backed the Democrats into a corner.

On one hand, Democrats cannot pin their opponents as “Trump candidates” because they’ve seen what happened in Virginia. On the other hand, they cannot run as a more leftist candidate either, as they know full well American voters would reject them.

So what are they to do?

Their best bet would to run as moderate, sane Democrats compared to the far-left socialist lawmakers who propose whacky legislation and whose hatred for America can barely be concealed.

Either way, it’s lose-lose and Democrats will surely have hell to pay come 2022.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney