Trump Reacts to Biden’s 2020 News, Gives Him New Nickname

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden announced he was running for president. Biden specifically insulted Donald Trump, calling our president racist and dangerous to the country. Well, Trump was listening and he had some strong words for his would-be rival. He even gave Biden a new nickname.

The Democrats are desperate to find someone that can topple Trump. It’s not looking good. They’ve spent the better part of three years trying to take down the guy. But despite intense fake news, rumors, and a Russian hoax, they haven’t been able to deter Trump.

Or slow down his massive success for America.

The 2020 Democratic lineup is already crowded with contenders. Who knows how many more will join before the primaries even begin? It’s amazing to see so many liberals who think they can beat Trump in an election. Yesterday, Joe Biden joined the fray, claiming that he wants to save the soul of America.

I guess so he can give it to the highest, foreign bidder.

President Trump talked about Joe Biden’s announcement. The president had some harsh words for the former VP. The master negotiator and expert businessman and leader summed up Joe pretty nicely, with a new nickname.

President Trump in a phone interview on “Hannity” Thursday talked about a handful of Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential election, disparaging some of them, including former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I think we are calling him ‘Sleepy Joe’ ’cause I’ve known him for a while. Is he a pretty sleepy guy. He won’t be able to deal with [Chinese] President Xi, I will tell you. That’s a different level of energy and,frankly, intelligence. So I sort refer to him as ‘Sleepy Joe.’ A lot of people wanted me to change the word ‘sleepy’ to something else that rhymes with it,” Trump told host Sean Hannity. “I thought it was too nasty.

“He’s not going to be able to do the job,” Trump added. [Source: Fox News]

Once Trump brands someone with a nickname, that’s it. They will have a hard time living it down. And he just christened the former VP “Sleepy Joe.”

Sounds about right. Trump knows how to size up a person very quickly. He’s done that for year running a massive commercial empire. You don’t get to his level of success unless you know how to assess a person’s skills and ability.

And Trump just declared Joe Biden is too low energy to take on the monumental tasks of running the country.

Trump says Sleepy Joe would never be able to deal with China and their intense president. There’s another reason Trump brought that up. Biden has some dark ties to the communist state. His son got a massive payday from Chinese companies, as Biden was negotiating deals as VP.

Um… that’s what we call a huge conflict of interest. Was it possible that China bought Biden’s support by giving his son business and money? Yes, yes it does.

Does that mean Biden–if elected president–would do more of the same? Of course. Democrats are very good at selling out our country to the highest bidder. They often pass laws and policies meant to help rich, powerful businessmen and foreign countries. Rarely do they do anything to actually help the little guy.

President Trump knows this. He also knows that Joe Biden lacks the will, strength, and stamina to be the Commander in Chief. Trump has no problem calling out Biden’s inability to tackle trough problems, the kind of problems only a president can address.

Since entering office, Trump has lowered taxes, slashed regulations, met with countless world leaders, crushed ISIS, scored new trade deals, and is confronting the border crisis. All within the span of two years.

Does anyone think Biden has that kind of energy? I don’t think so.

I guess “Sleepy Joe” is the perfect name for Biden. Don’t you agree?

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