Trump Readies Defense Against Phony Investigation

Former President Trump made his first visit to his home town of New York City this week. 

Though he did not take questions from reporters, Trump acknowledged his supporters and gave them a show of gratitude. The former president was seen with his son, Don Jr., leaving the famous Trump Tower on Tuesday. 

Trump’s office never gave an official reason for his NYC visit. But sources close to the organization reveal the visit was meant as a re-familiarization of the ins-and-outs of the Trump business. The former president has not had any leadership role in the organization in over five years. 

Local prosecutors continue to mont pressure against President Trump. Multiple phony investigations into his business dealings have forced the former president to reestablish some presence at his organization. It was reported that Trump met with defense attorneys at Trump tower to discuss the investigations. 

Trump changed his primary residence from New York to Florida in late 2019. At the time, Trump said he would always cherish his home town, but felt criminally mistreated by local authorities. 

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