Trump Refuses To Stand By While Biden Destroys America

Former President Donald Trump believes the worst is yet to come.

Trump is speaking out against his predecessor’s “inhumane” border policies, stating we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet. The Former President is calling out Biden for his failure to finish the wall, dismantling common sense immigration policy, and creating an illegal immigration crisis that America will struggle to emerge from years in the future.  

“I’ve said it before, we have some Bad Hombres pouring into the country and Biden is just letting them in. It’s insane,” Trump said during a podcast interview on Monday. “They’re destroying our country, Lisa, they’re destroying our country.”

Trump lauded his common sense, tough on crime immigration policies and believes they are the reason why Biden inherited, then destroyed, such a strong border. Specifically, Trump has linked Biden’s decision to dismantle his Remain-in-Mexico policy as a reason for the current border crisis. 

“Well right now they’re remaining in the United States and we’ll never get them to leave,” Trump said. “Plus we have no idea who these people are, but I can tell you, when a country sends people up, and counties do send people up, they are not sending their best.”

“… Really dangerous people are illegally entering our country. Some great people are entering too, but they’re letting in some really dangerous criminals,” Trump added.  

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 running on a tough, common sense immigration platform. He made immigration a key plank of his campaign. During his time in D.C., Trump experienced a constant battle between him and the Democratic Party hell-bent on preventing him from building the wall or succeeding in any way.  

Now, with Biden failing to maintain control at the border, Trump is able to look back and examine his own immigration policies, stating, “We ran it like a science. What Biden is doing now is a disaster, and he’s only getting started.” 

As the crisis continues, Trump offers a brutal warning to Americans out there: “Enjoy it now. Enjoy your country now because it’s really good compared to what it will be in a few months.” 

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