Trump Rewarded With The Highest Honor Any President Can Receive

Donald Trump showing – yet again – how to treat the families of fallen soldiers. Unlike Biden, the Former President displays gratitude, respect, and admiration for their service. Biden, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. Sleepy Joe is busy checking his watch, wondering when he can retreat back into his basement in Delaware.

A California Gold Star mother whose Marine son died in a terror attack outside Kabul’s international airport last month has invited former President Donald Trump to her son’s funeral, calling him “the real president.”

Shana Chappell’s son Kareem Nikoui was one of 13 American service members killed in the bomb blast on Aug. 26. In a Facebook post, Chappell wrote, “I would love if somehow my President (you Mr. Trump) could be present as i lay my Beautiful baby boy Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui to rest.”

“It would be such an honor to meet the real President of the United States of America, President Trump,” she continued. “I love you and America loves you.”

Trump responded to Shana’s heartfelt message with one of his own posted to the Save America website.

Nikoui’s parents have said publicly that they blame President Joe Biden for their son’s death. Kareem’s father, Steve Nikoui, said Biden had “turned his back on him.”

“They sent my son over there as a paper pusher and then had the Taliban outside providing security,”

In another Facebook post, Chappell ripped Biden, writing:

“I know my face is etched into your brain! I was able to look you straight in the

She also called Biden “a weak human being and a traitor” who “turned your back on my son, on all of our Heroes!!! … MY SONS BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!! All 13 of them, their blood is on your hands!!!”

Trump responded to that post, writing in another statement that Chappell was “100 [percent] correct.”

The Former President laid out exactly what he would have done to prevent the tragedy if he were still commander in chief.

Author: Asa McCue