Trump Says Possible 2024 Run Comes Down To One Thing…

Former President Donald Trump revealed exactly what it would take for him to run again in 2024. In an explosive interview on Tuesday, Trump admitted his potential 2024 run hinges entirely on how the Republicans perform in the 2022 midterm elections. 

Nonetheless, President Trump has vowed to assist Republicans in taking back both chambers of Congress. Democrat margins are slim, holding only a 219-211 majority in House and a dead split in the Senate. 

Trump worked tirelessly in helping the Republicans in 2020. Not one incumbent Republican lost their House race, and any losses in the Senate can be linked to missteps within the Party. 

The Former President rightfully blamed Mitch McConnell for the Senate runoff losses in Georgia. Instead of moving forward with the promised $2,000 economic relief payments for Americans, the former Majority Leader settled on just $600. 

Joe Biden’s disastrous economic and immigration policies are pushing Trump to run again, he revealed. Between the massive spending habits, the crisis forming on the southern border, and his foreign policy missteps, President Trump is hell bent on Making America Great Again — again. 

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