Trump Scores Another Pro-Life Win as Court Upholds This New Rule

President Trump has promised to be the most pro-life president we’ve ever seen. He’s already implemented numerous policies aimed at protecting life before birth. One of his most significant has been a new rule for Title X funding. On cue, Democrats challenged the rule, taking it to the courts. But a once-super liberal court just handed back a heavy dose of justice.

It’s shocking to think that in this day-and-age the United States could defend a practice like abortion. The outdated and barbaric practice only seems to exist to inflict pain and suffering on our most vulnerable Americans. Yet Democrats—almost to a man—will defend the practice. They even spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars to make sure more people can have abortions.

Every last Democratic candidate for president is an unapologetic, pro-choice advocate. Both Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders have suggested pro-life Democrats don’t belong in their party. But there’s good news: the Republican Party welcomes everybody that values the sanctity of human life. All thanks to the efforts of Donald Trump.

The present set new rules affecting recipients of Title X funding. This funding is for health providers, but weak rules in recent years have allowed your tax dollars to go to organizations that provide abortions or encourage patients to get one. Trump’s new rules withdraw this funding to any facilities that endorse this practice.

Naturally, the Democrats rushed to the courts to get their abortion dollars back. They can’t stand the fact that Trump wants to end this heinous practice and save your tax dollars at the same time. The cases from three separate states ended up in San Francisco’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Oh boy.

In the past, that would have meant the end of the Trump’s rule. But not anymore. The now right leaning court just gave Trump a big pro-life win.

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld Trump administration rules withdrawing Title X funding from any medical facilities that provide abortions.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — long regarded as a liberal body, though President Trump appointees have started to tilt the balance — lifted preliminary injunctions against the rules issued by lower courts in cases from three different states…

The Ninth Circuit’s ruling noted that the Trump administration’s regulations were “less restrictive” than the 1988 ones in that “a counselor providing nondirective pregnancy counseling ‘may discuss abortion’ so long as ‘the counselor neither refers for, nor encourages, abortion.'” [Source: Fox News]

The court upheld Trump’s new rule, meaning clinics like Planned Parenthood can no longer receive Title X federal funding.

You know they can’t be happy about that.

There’s something sick about a group that demands government tax dollars in order to provide abortions. I guess they want so many women to get abortions, they don’t want money to get in the way of such a grizzly decision.
Just think about it. The government won’t pay for your aspirin when you have a headache, but Democrats want it to pay for abortions?

Something wrong about that scenario.

But it fits the left’s ongoing agenda. They want to transform America, bit by bit, into a socialist dictatorship. One where the government controls every aspect of our lives. That’s hard to do, if there are “too many” people running around.

Democrats even go as far as saying abortion is necessary to fight climate change. Yep, that’s right. All those babies are ruining the environment! These same people complain about how we kill cattle for food and milk, but think it’s okay to end a human life.

Take about warped priorities.

But hopefully, this won’t be the last pro-life win from the Trump administration. As the Democrats scramble during their 2020 primaries, the president is poised to secure another four years.

Hopefully, we’ll see more in the near future.

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