Trump Seeks Social Media Partners — Could It Be You?

President Trump is standing up to Big Tech bullies hell-bent on silencing conservative voices. 

A source close to the former president has confirmed hundred-million dollar investments from unnamed billionaires who support Trump’s effort to build a better, more conservative-friendly, social media platform. The development of this platform would give Donald Trump the social media presence he’s been wrongfully denied by the monsters in Silicon Valley.  

Trump has begun a new phase of his political career, slowly reentering by giving media interviews from his home base in southern Florida. Details are slowly emerging about the social media venture. 

“There are a number of people we’re negotiating with,” Trump said in an interview. “We were really being harassed on Twitter, but Twitter is over. We have the option to build our own site because our following was so large over there. We can definitely build our own site.

After the Jan. 6 protests on the Capitol much of Trump’s social media presence was wrongly stripped away from him. Twitter, Trump’s favorite platform, claimed his removal was due to the president’s potential to “incite violence.”

Since leaving the White House, Trump has spent most of his time at or near his home base in Mar-a-Lago. Advisers, lawmakers and other politicians have routinely met with the former president to strategize Trump’s return to the political arena. 

Sources familiar with the social media discussions revealed Trump, along with his billionaire backers, are considering a brand new “social media like” venture that would allow the former president to interact with his followers without the threat of being taken offline by Big Tech bullies. 

Trump’s team is using the free speech argument to attract libertarian donors, said one Republican.

“They aren’t the people you might expect,” he said.

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