Trump Sets Washington Ablaze After Exposing Republican Traitors

Former President Donald Trump remains the most formidable force within the Republican party. Candidates are fully aware that a Trump endorsement will open them up to a wave of support from his loyalists, and will likely set them over the edge of victory.

Many candidates are eager for that winning edge as the 2022 midterm elections approach and campaign efforts ramp up. Many Republican hopefuls are attempting to portray themselves as staunch supporters of the Former President, and have even publicized photos or proof of private conversations to demonstrate their “close” ties.

However, Trump’s team is ultra-protective of the Former President’s brand since leaving office and is monitoring certain Republican candidates, exposing those who’s connection to Trump is illegitimate.

“Lots of candidates pretend to have President Trump’s support and most are full of s***,” former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said, adding, “You’ll know when the Former President endorses someone.”

Several Republican contenders have overstepped the boundary recently according to members of Trump’s team.

Hirsh Singh, a New Jersey businessman, used Trump’s signature logo claiming the Former President fully endorsed him for the June 8 Republican primary election.

A spokesman for Donald Trump immediately called out this fake endorsement:

Singh has since accused one of his political rivals of forging the fabricate document in an attempt to embarrass him.

“I don’t play sneaky games like this,” Singh said, who came no where near to winning the primary.

State Sen. Mike Testa, who worked on Trump’s campaign in New Jersey, said the fake flier severely impacted Singh’s campaign by raising questions of trustworthiness. Testa eventually endorsed Singh’s rival, former state Assembly member Jack Ciattarelli, who eventually won the GOP primary.

“Donald Trump his own man, and if he wanted to weigh in in the state of New Jersey he would have made it loud and clear that he was weighing in in the state of New Jersey,” Testa said

Last month, the same spokesman for Team Trump exposed state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who claimed the Former President “asked him to run” for governor of Pennsylvania and vowed to campaign for him.

These claims were a complete farce.

Trump aides have been vocal about their annoyance with Mastriano for his willingness to leak private conversations with the Former President to the press.

“I would warn people against claiming endorsements from anyone without authorization. If and when President Trump endorses anyone, it will be very unmistakable.”

Higher profiled races also have been scrutinized by Trump’s staff.

Lynda Blanchard, a major donor to pro-Trump political organizations and his Ambassador to Slovenia, is currently in the race for U.S. senator of Alabama. She launched a campaign showing videos and pictures with Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, alluding to their support of her candidacy.

It was reported that Team Trump expressed their extreme annoyance after receiving news Blanchard had been implying she had the Former President’s backing. Trump swiftly announced her rival, Rep. Mo Brooks even though the primary election is more than a year away.

As a result, Mo has shot up in the polls with Lynda Blanchard no where in sight.

Last year alone, the Trump campaign sent cease-and-desist letters to people such as former attorney general Jeff Sessions, who’s also running for the senate seat in Alabama, and candidates for local office.

Dan Rodimer, a former professional wrestler running in a Texas special congressional election, falsely called himself “the Trump candidate.”

Trump’s spokesmen threw cold water on this fake endorsement as well.

Trump later endorsed Susan Wright, releasing a statement weighing in on the Texas race.

Fake endorsements often prove to be fatal for the candidate pushing them. In every case so far, congressional hopefuls who falsely claim support from the Former President have seen their campaigns falter as a result.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth