Trump Sounds The Alarm On Big Pharma’s Latest Scam

The federal government this week unleashed another round of propaganda pushing a so-called booster shot due to the ineffectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines.

This is wholly unsurprising given Trump involvement with the vaccine production, and everyone knows the entire role of liberal politicians and “health officials” is to be reflexively against everything the Former President has ever done.

In response, Donald Trump is exposing the latest Big Pharma grift, warning the population against the supposed booster shot.

As a business man, Trump fully understands the money-making scams big corporations often push on well meaning idiots pervasive in the current American population.

Agencies are preparing to offer boosters beginning the week of Sept. 20. With Americans becoming eligible starting eight months after their second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. People who got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will also likely need boosters, the officials said, but more data is being sought before a formal recommendation is made.

Trump, before the anticipated announcement, said that when the vaccines first came out during his administration, “they were good for life. Then they were good for a year or two.”

But, he told Bartiromo, he could “see the writing on the wall.”

Trump, though, said he’s proud of his role in the development of the COVID vaccines, because, without them, he thinks “we would have a Spanish Flu situation.”

However, many people aren’t wanting to get the vaccine now because they don’t trust Joe Biden, he said.

“They don’t take it because they don’t trust Biden and they don’t trust the Biden administration. When I was president, you didn’t have people protesting the vaccine. If you just think back everybody wanted to get it. We were giving out over a million shots a day we had that rocking.”

He also said that because Biden is “doing a lousy job with coronavirus, coronavirus is back.”

But if the numbers were bouncing back and he was still president, Trump said, “the press would decimate me.”

He also slammed Biden for the pause that was put on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier this year.

Trump added that he does recommend people get their shots, but he also believes “you have your freedom to do what you want to do.”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth