Trump Takes Aim At Biden For Failing The American People

Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden following the Colonial Pipeline attack. The Former President raised serious (but hilarious) questions, asking if Biden put his son Hunter in charge of the nation’s energy.

“If there were long and horrible gas lines like this under President Trump, the Fake News would make it a national outrage!”

On his new website, Trump released one of his now-famous press releases.

Read the full statement here:

Trump’s was compelled to comment as much of the East Coast wrestles with the consequences from a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline – our nation’s largest fuel source. Foreign cyber hackers caused the closure of the pipeline, resulting in several governors declaring a state of emergency. Their executive orders will remove regulations, making it easier for fuel transportation and distribution.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm urged the American people against fuel “hoarding,” , which she said would create a “supply crunch.”

Granholm compared the urge to stockpile gasoline with the more-recent hysteria around toilet paper during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Much as there was no cause for hoarding toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, there should be no cause for hoarding gasoline, especially in light of the fact that the pipeline should be substantially operational by the end of this week and over the weekend,”

Gas prices never surpassed the $3 per gallon mark during Trump’s tenure. With Biden at the helm, however, the national average has skyrocketed – directly affecting the lives of many Americans nationwide. The national average for fuel has not exceeded $3 per gallon since 2014 under the Obama administration

“Gas prices … shoot up like a rocket or like fireworks, and they come back down as slowly as a feather.”

Author: William Harlow