Trump Traitor Begs Former President For Forgiveness

Popular venture capitalist, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” and now Republican Senate hopeful, joining Fox News “America Reports” on Monday was J.D. Vance, who attempted to backtrack recently unearthed tweets which were intensely critical of then-candidate Donald Trump.

In 2016, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski pulled up the tweets that are now being used to point out Vance’s hypocrisy.

Vance spoke to Fox News, telling them that he regretted those tweets.

Speaking with news reporter Alicia Acuna, Vance said that he was “like a lot of people” at that time, being skeptical and critical of Trump’s bid for president, but asked that Republicans “not judge me based on [that].” Vance claims that he was “wrong about the guy,” and said that Trump was a “good president… made a lot of good decisions.”

Vance said that what’s important is not a persons statements from five years previous but rather whether or not that person is willing to “take the heat… the hits” in defense of the interest of the American public.

Vance’s earlier assaults against Trump are a little too sharp, however, for many to simply sweep them under the rug as he would have us do.

In one of the tweets, Vance called Trump “reprehensible” because he claimed that the former president scared “people I care about… Immigrants, Muslims, etc.” He added a religious touch against Trump as well, stating “God wants better of us.”

The author also responded to posts about the Access Hollywood Tape scandal of that election year, warning “fellow Christians,” that they look bad when they “apologize for this man.”

In his last deleted tweet, Vance ironically says than “in 4 years” people will recognize those who stood with Trump and those who opposed him, predicting disfavor for Trump’s supporters.

Vance is seeking election in a very crowded field of candidates seeking to take the place of Senator Rob Portman after he announced his retirement.

Trump’s endorsement of any of these candidates would elevate that individual above the large contingency, particularly above that candidates other Republican opponents.

It’s not clear whether or not Vance’s shift to pro-Trump politics combined with his public apology is enough to earn him an endorsement from former President Trump, let alone the Senate seat.

Author: Dallas O’Brien