Trump Weighs In On Beijing Biden’s Bungled Olympics Boycott

Former President Donald Trump – like the rest of the American population – is confused as ever by Joe Biden’s decision to impose a so-called boycott against the Beijing Olympics.

Like many of the decisions coming from Biden’s administration, the boycott skirts the line, never taking the much-needed to step that would actually make an impact and cause China to recoil in the face of U.S. strength.

Instead the U.S. is taking the easy way out by refusing to send diplomats to Beijing despite allowing Team USA athletes to compete. This sends a clear message to the athletes representing the United States, but does absolutely nothing for our diplomatic relations with the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump would have done things much, much differently.

The Former President says the U.S. government should not impose a boycott against the Beijing Olympics, because there are more powerful moves that can be done against China.

When asked if he would have imposed a diplomatic boycott Olympics like the Biden administration did, Trump said, “No, because I watched Jimmy Carter do it, and it was terrible. It was terrible. It hurts the athletes.”

Trump insisted that “there are much more powerful things we can do than that, much, much more powerful things. That’s not a powerful thing. It almost makes us look like, I don’t know, sore losers, we’re doing so badly.”

The former president continued that “our country is no longer respected,” saying that “I would like our great athletes to go over and win every single medal.”

Earlier this month, the White House said it would be implementing a diplomatic boycott against the 2022 Beijing Olympics, meaning that no government officials would be in attendance. However, the administration did not impose a full boycott, which would have prevented the nation’s athletes from participating.

Psaki cited ongoing human rights violations as the main factor behind Biden’s boycott decision.

Meanwhile, the administration has done and will do nothing to put an end to China’s humanitarian crisis and mass genocide of their Muslim majority. Biden will continue to kowtow, hand hold, and lift Trump-era economic sanctions, which further proves his dedication to global communism.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney