Trump Wins Again: Scores Major Victory In Viral ‘Meme Case’

Donald Trump keeps winning…and winning…and winning. The only thing he didn’t win was his second term — and that’s because the Democrats cheated him out of a victory, not because he didn’t earn it.

A New York judge recently dismissed a case against Former President Trump and a popular online personality known as ‘CarpeDonktum’ over a meme that poked fun at the “Fake News” and its fake legacy.

Trump retweeted the meme in question, which was created by CapeDonktum, whose real name is Logan Cook. Judge David Cohen from New York’s Supreme Court ruled the meme was clearly satirical and newsworthy, dismissing the case immediately under First Amendment protections.

The meme has since been scrubbed from all social media platforms, but a description of it can be found here:

Cook found a video of a white toddler running after a black toddler and stuck a chyron reading “breaking news” over it. The captions read, “Terrified Todler [sic] Runs From Racist Baby” and “Racist Baby Probably A Trump Voter.”

The video then fades to black, and reads, “What actually happened.” The toddlers run at each other and embrace. A new caption: “AMERICA IS NOT THE PROBLEM…FAKE NEWS IS. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FAKE NEWS DUMPSTER FIRES.”

The censors at Twitter immediately slapped a “Manipulated Video” warning on Trump’s retweet. The family of the toddler featured in the meme video then filed a private lawsuit against the Former President and Logan Cook, alleging their child’s image was exposed and had violated privacy laws in New York state.

The case reached New York’s Supreme Court and was quickly tossed aside by Judge Cohen.

He wrote:

“It is common knowledge that one of the principal tactics of Trump’s presidential campaigns, as well as his presidency, was to incessantly attack the mainstream media as purveyors of ‘fake news,’ including his claim that the media exaggerates the extent of racial division in this country,” the judge continued. “Thus, the video’s references to ‘fake news’ and its depiction of race relations, however distorted, are clearly newsworthy.”

The judge continued to call the video “rather distasteful” but argued that Trump is fully within his First Amendment rights to highlight it since it was clearly satirical. No action will be taken against the Former President or the meme’s creator CarpeDonktum.

Trump did not get everything he wanted, however.

The judge denied Trump’s request to be reimbursed for his legal fees, claiming the plaintiffs in the case had a “good faith basis” for filing. Cohen went on to site the “draconian language set forth” in the anti-SLAPP statue and ruled that the plaintiffs should not be penalized as a result.

Still, Team Trump is moving forward with a class-action lawsuit against the giants of Big Tech. Making the announcement last week, Trump will seek retribution from the overlords at Facebook, Google, and Twitter over their undue censorship of conservatives.

Author: Asa McCue