Trump’s New Home State Gives Him Warmest Of Welcomes

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The city of Frostproof, Florida, has officially declared the first week in February to be “Donald J. Trump Week,” which is “dedicated to honoring the former president,” according to Fox affiliate WFLA.

“Last night I was proud to be a part of a proclamation the first of its kind making February 1-6 Donald J. Trump week in the City of Frostproof,” Frostproof City Council Member Austin Gravley said Tuesday in a Facebook post that included the proclamation, which also notes that the city overwhelmingly supported Trump in the last presidential election.

The proclamation notes that “the United States gained millions of new jobs, including more than 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs while designating 9,000 opportunity zones … [and] new unemployment record lows were reached” while Trump was president. “The United States engaged in no new wars under the President Trump administration, while bringing many troops home,” it continues.

The proclamation was officially declared by Frostproof Mayor Jon Albert on Monday.

Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Republican who recently issued a petition to change the name of a Florida highway after Trump, spoke in favor of the declaration earlier this week.

“Great to be in the City of Frostproof FL tonight to speak in favor of a Proclamation declaring this week ‘Donald Trump Week,'” he tweeted on Monday. “First city in the nation to do this!”

Author: Theodore Bunker

Source: News Max: Florida City Names 1st Week of February ‘Donald J. Trump Week’

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