Unions Hand Trump Huge Win, Issue Ominous Warnings To Dem Candidates

By Gary Fenster April 16th, 2019 | Image Source: Kagdaily

For Democrats, the path to beating Trump runs right through the rust belt and the blue wall Trump tore down.

They will flirt with Texas and Georgia and North Carolina, but deep down they know those are fools’ errands as they cannot even win Ohio or Florida anymore.

So they will go back to the rust belt with the same lies Obama told, and the people believed, and the same ones Hillary tried and the voters revolted against.

The problem they will face – after selling out these states for years why would anyone continue to support their fake promises? And it looks like the unions are done being played for suckers. From Breitbart:

The candidates are spending too much time talking about esoteric issues like the Senate filibuster and the composition of the Supreme Court and not enough time speaking the language of workers, several union officials said. Those ideas may excite progressive activists, they said, but they risk alienating working-class voters.

“They’ve got to pay attention to kitchen-table economics,” said Ted Pappageorge, president of the Las Vegas Culinary Union that represents 60,000 hotel and casino workers. “We don’t quite see that.”

Terry McGowan, president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139, in Wisconsin, said many of the issues driving the 2020 primary so far are distractions.

“The people that are into politics, the people who like sideshows, they’re into that,” he said, citing the debates over reparations for slavery and immigration as examples. “The masses just want to feed their families.”

The unease may be an early warning sign for Democrats, who watched as many white, working-class voters, including many union members in key Rust Belt states, chose Trump three years ago. Democrats are hoping to win back some of those voters next year, a challenge that is made harder, some argue, by labor’s struggle to build its membership and influence its rank and file. Democrats’ early messages may not help, some said.

“You see where some of the party’s being driven. It’s no secret,” said Rusty McAllister, executive secretary of the Nevada AFL-CIO.

McAllister pointed to “Medicare for all” — the health care proposal of choice for several candidates — as an example of Democrats’ not seizing on labor’s top priorities. Many unions already organized and fought for private health insurance for their members. “That’s not something that I think that labor is as much focused on as some of the progressives are.”

Such concerns — which stretched from the progressive-minded organizing halls of Nevada to the Rust Belt precincts — were typically focuse on the conversation, not the candidates. The early 2020 primary has included detours into debates over the Senate filibuster, the composition of the Supreme Court and breaking up technology companies.

Ken Broadbent, business manager of the Pittsburgh-based Steamfitters Local 449, worried that Democrats are too focused on environmental plans like the Green New Deal, a blueprint for shifting the U.S. economy away from fossil fuels, and will neglect the importance of swing-state Pennsylvania’s rich natural gas deposits in creating jobs.

“Jobs is where we’ve got to keep things focused,” Broadbent said.

Author: Gary Fenster

Source: Kagdaily: Unions Hand Trump Huge Win, Issue Ominous Warnings To Dem Candidates

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