Vaccine Companies Forced To Put Terrifying New Warning Label, See Why…

The FDA is seriously backpedaling and adding a new warning to both the Moderna and Pifzer Coronavirus vaccines after they found a “likely association” between teenagers and young adults and heart inflammation of their second dose.

The CDC made the announcement on Wednesday during a presentation, stating that more that 1,200 individuals had been diagnosed with pericarditis or myocarditis after receiving either a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. Most of the individuals were under the age of 30. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle whereas pericarditis is inflammation of the membranes surrounding the heart.

People who get the hear inflammation tend to present within a week or two after their second dose, and most commonly complain of chest pain. The CDC’s safety group head, Grace Lee, says health officials are still trying to figure out if there are any long-term issues associated with the heart inflammation.

The COVID Vaccination Safety Technical Group has been following up on the reports and found that there are 484 preliminary reports of pericarditis or myocarditis in adults or young adults under the age of 30, that is as of June 11. Now, 323 of those reports are confirmed by the CDC, though 148 are still under review currently.

A grand total of 309 patients were hospitalized due to these episodes. Of that amount, 295 have been discharged with 79% reportedly recovered. Nine patients are still in the hospital and two remain in ICU.

About 300 million doses of the Coronavirus vaccine have been administered, that is as of June 11. Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA technology, and Johnson & Johnson has more tradition technology, virus-based.

It’s important to note that this is a very rare event. Only 12.6 cases per one million doses of the vaccines. Though Moderna cases seemed to be more prevalent at 19.8 cases per million, versus Pfizer’s eight cases per million.

Most of the cases involve men under 30, and appear to be mild. The CDC continues to insist that the benefits of receiving the vaccine far outweigh the risks.

Additionally, the CDC insists that getting COVID puts you at a higher risk for myocarditis or pericarditis than getting the vaccine will.

Author: Drew Cooke