War Update: Putin Succeeds In Capturing Major City In Ukraine

The military conflict in Eastern Europe has taken a turn for the worse for Ukrainians as Russian forces continue to fight against NATO encroachment into a former Soviet territory.

Not even with billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars, massive military armaments, and the entirety of Western support was President Zelensky able to stave off Russian attacks in Mariupol, a port city in southern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said the port city of Mariupol “doesn’t exist anymore” after weeks under Russian siege.

The remaining Ukrainian military forces and citizens in the city have been “encircled by Russian forces,” Kuleba said in an interview with Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan that aired Sunday on CBS.

“The situation in Mariupol is both dire militarily and heartbreaking. The city doesn’t exist anymore,” Kuleba said. “It seems from the way the Russian army behaves in Mariupol, they decided to raze the city to the ground at any cost.”

More than 10,000 residents have died in Mariupol during the fighting, the mayor recently said.

Ukrainian officials have relied on unsubstantiated claims about so-called war crimes committed by Putin’s army as a way to pull on Western heartstrings — and it’s worked so far.

Kuleba echoed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s sentiments,  saying the elimination of all Ukrainian forces from Mariupol would mean an end to all negotiations with Russia, noting that “Mariupol may be a red line.”

The Ukrainian and Russian negotiating teams still have contact despite “no high-level talks” taking place as fighting has intensified, the foreign minister said.

As some Ukrainian intelligence indicates Russia wants to proclaim some sort of victory by May 9, Kuleba suggested the situation in the country will deteriorate further in the intervening weeks.

Heavy fighting is ongoing in additional major Ukrainian cities such as Lviv and Odesa.

Putin remains steadfast in his demand that Ukraine agrees to never join NATO, a move Zelensky is unwilling to make.

In other words, a globalist left-wing Zelensky would rather join a world government than save countless Ukrainian lives and end a growing military conflict in his own country.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, then nothing will.

Author: Vasily Ivanov