[Watch] Rioters Back Off When Armed Residents Descend On Them

By John Nolte August 5th, 2020 | Image Source: Breitbart

Left-wing protesters were chased off by armed residents in the Seattle suburbs … and it was glorious.

With their faces covered and their backpacks bulging with heaven-knows-what, a group of protesters were on their way to Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home on Saturday when they were successfully stopped and chased away by a group of people who identified themselves as local residents. The protesters were then informed they were trespassing on a private road and that local law enforcement was on the way.

Two of the self-identified residents were armed.

Below is the video, and as you watch it, take note of a few things…

  • How all Antifa males sound like Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman.
  • How the protesters change their story from We’re here to protest peacefully to We’re just looking for a friend.
  • Why we should all drop to our knees and thank the Good Lord for the Second Amendment.

Jesse Pinkman: “We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!”

Resident: “That’s why you are peaceful.”

Damn right.

According to a good faith search of Washington gun laws, the residents did nothing illegal. Washington is an “open carry” state, which means it is perfectly legal to openly carry a firearm. It’s carrying a concealed firearm that will get you into trouble if you do not have a permit.

Also, at least in the video, no one points their firearm at anyone, which is where you can also get into trouble, even if you carry your firearm legally.

But let’s not forget that the threat from masked marauders is appallingly real. These protesters and their media/Democrat champions are always shouting the word “peaceful” — you know, just before they go on a rampage of destruction, arson, assault, and looting.

Police Chief Best is also concerned with these protests reaching her home, concerned enough she is asking for the Democrat-run City Council’s help after

A large group of “aggressive” protesters swarmed Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home over the weekend, the police chief confirmed in an August 2 letter addressed to members of the Seattle City Council, detailing the incident.

Dozens of vehicles lined the road as roughly 200 protesters, “mostly white men and women in their twenties,” gathered in the neighborhood to protest, according to the Lynwood Times. The protesters wore masks and held signs reading, “Black Lives Matter.”

But thanks to concerned residents (and the Second Amendment), not every protester made it to the event. Per local reports, “Neighbors aware of Best’s physical home location, established a perimeter to protect her home from possible mischief.”

“I feel incredibly unsafe,” a neighbor told the Lynwood Times. “We think it will happen again… Their objective was not completed; they never made it to her house, we stopped them… so we think they will be back.”

Another resident said, “They were very organized. They had radios, talking to each other. They had numbers they used to decal all their cars for who knows what. So, they were identifying all their vehicles individually by number. They came with a mission…They were out here intimidating us.”

Keep in mind that Best has emerged as a unique threat to the protesters: She’s a black, female police chief who is not only on the side of law and order but who does not mince words. She was furious over the whole CHAZ situation, opposes the Seattle City Council’s move to slash police funding, and isn’t afraid to remind media propagandists of how violent and dangerous their precious “protesters” are.

But back to these armed residents…

This is what these demonstraters met outside a city in one of the country’s bluest states… I find that heartening. If that’s what happens outside Seattle, imagine the perfectly legal show of force they can expect outside of a Charlotte or a Milwaukee or a Detroit, or any southern or Midwest or blue-collar area.

July not only saw the seventh record month in a row of our fellow citizens arming themselves, but the Washington Free Beacon reports, “FBI background checks indicate 2020 has now seen at least 10 million guns sold—many to first-time buyers and minorities.”

“First-time buyers.” Hell, yes.

Nothing in my lifetime has motivated me more to purchase firearms than the triple threat of the last couple months: 1) widespread left-wing terrorism, 2) serious moves to defund police, and 3) Democrats and the media championing and encouraging both the violence and the defunding.

Democrats and their media allies crossed the Rubicon this summer. No more are they mincing around. Political violence and terrorism are now acceptable to the left, and Antifa and Black Lives Matter are now the media’s and the Democrats’ Brownshirts.

To protect me and mine, I picked up three new firearms in June, I have another one on order, and plans for more. I am also boning up on local gun laws and going back to the basics of gun safety, something you want in your muscle memory, not just your memory-memory.

What’s happening in this country is not a drill, and the more legal resistance the Brownshirts meet the moment they step outside Democrat-run cities, the sooner they will become discouraged and give up on their desire to expand their rampage into the suburbs and rural areas — into our peaceful homes and communities.

Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte – Seattle Protesters Turned Away When Confronted by Armed Residents: ‘That’s Why You Are Peaceful’

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