White House Backpedals On ‘Crisis’ Talks

Another day, another Psai Walk-Back.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki scrambled to recover after calling the growing influx of illegal immigrants on the southern border a “crisis.” 

Psaki used the term “crisis on the border” to describe the surge in illegal immigration and crime. The Biden administration has repeatedly refused to call the situation a crisis, even though some Democrats have begun using the phrase. 


Later in the presser, a reporter called out Psaki for describing the chaos as a “crisis on the border,” to which scrambled to correct herself “challenges on the border.” When asked if this was intentional or reflected a change in the administration’s approach, she simply said, “Nope.” 

Here’s the exchange:

The tense exchanges don’t stop there. Another reporter asked Psaki why there seems to be such a disconnect from White House messaging and what journalists are reporting from the southern border. 

Here is the exchange:

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