White House ‘Grinch’ Jen Psaki Fails To Ease Christmas Concerns

A contentious relationship with the press is common with most administrations. After all, journalists are truly the enemy.

Gun to your head: wouldn’t you prefer 1,000 more illegal immigrants than 1,000 more New York Times journalists?

Either way, Jen Psaki is vile. Her disingenuous niceness is always paired with a snide, sneering passive aggression that drives anyone with a semblance of normalcy absolutely crazy.

Not only that, she can barely conceal her liberal smugness. It’s obvious Jen Psaki has been poisoned by the liberal illiterati she’s been surrounded by in her entire life (she was educated in Connecticut boarding schools and elite universities.)

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary ignored America’s concerns when she told reporters that despite the Biden administration’s best efforts to deal with global supply-chain issues, it cannot guarantee that packages will arrive on time for Christmas.

Psaki opened Wednesday’s daily press briefing by noting that Biden had secured key commitments to ensure that shippers operated 24/7 in order to ease holiday backlogs. But there is still no guarantee that packages will arrive on time.

“We can’t overpromise here, and I’m not going to do that because we know there are a lot of issues in the global supply chain,” she continued.

Biden administration officials have been concerned that holiday season shortages will become the latest political headache for the president, who has been suffering from many.

However bottleneck concerns are nothing new.

In August, Vice President Kamala Harris warned that “it might be time to start buying” Christmas presents for children.

How did it get so bad so quick? Or is this merely a plan to establish more federal control over private industry?

There is a massive freight backlog in Southern California. California’s coronavirus precautions and labor shortages have left Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, which account for roughly 40% of all U.S. imports, operating at approximately 60% capacity.

The administration is also grappling with inflation concerns more broadly throughout the economy. Psaki called the price upticks “transitory” but acknowledged they were “an issue that has been impacting Americans nearly every single day.”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney